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Okay, so, Ash-Greninja isn't a thing. And, as much as I actually don't like it, it's a legit thing in both the games and the anime, and wouldn't be hard to implement in a balanced way. There's been discussion, and some have thought that should be an idea for sigs instead. But honestly, Ash-Greninja is a super evolution and we really don't want to make super evo sigs come back. And ignoring it for reasons is also a really bad idea. So, my proposal would be an SC thing

It does not matter to me if it's in the general Greninja SC, or if it's one of those things where, like Wormadam or branch evos, you evolve it into one forme, the regular one, or the other, the Battle Bond capable form. Both ideas have merit. But something along the lines of "When Greninja knocks out a foe in battle, its pride and Battle Bond with its trainer will trigger it to change formes into Ash-Greninja. This form will have a 10% increase to its offensive stats, as well as a small boost to speed, but 10% lower Defense and Special Defense. This forme change will last until the end of the battle, but the boosts and debuffs will fade after a few turns." Something along those lines. Maybe also a bit of an accuracy buff to Water Shuriken or something, tinker with it a bit, I dunno. But it would be a good idea to take a look at that. I won't say we can't just ignore Ash-Greninja, since I'm not the one who ultimately makes that call. But, unlike with Fly Pikachu, we shouldn't ignore it.
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