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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
New Fizz City
The Greater Fizzby Metropolitan Zone

~Please initially post in Gray~

The Fizzby Railyard: The centralized hub for all railway activity on this side of the region, the Fizzby Railyard does on land what the Harbor does for the sea. Though all tracks are kept clear of Pokémon for the safety of everyone, many steel-types still like to hang around the yard wherever they can.

"... and have a good morning and a wonderful afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and once again, we thank you for travelling with us today."

Having finally arrived in New Fizz City, Hiero stepped off of the train and onto the pavement of Fizzby Station. Several trainers breezed past him and toward the station itself, many checking in, greeting friends and loved ones, others retrieving their luggage with the assistance of their Pokemon.

The air was humid and murky, and the presence of the surrounding industrial complex was both obvious and palatable. Hiero had no interest in taking the easy way to New Fizz City. Hopping onto the light rail, or a cab, and taking it from here to town; where was the fun in that? No, this area was perfect and ripe for adventure. Hiero pulled a Pokeball from his pack and tossed it into the air. With a brief burst of light and a momentary sparkling of the air, Izuku the Phanpy manifested, balled up, spun through the air, and landed gracefully on the ground before his trainer. He looked up and excitedly blew his trunk, smiling.


"Haha, well, hello yourself. Are you ready to go on an adventure?"

The Phanpy smiled, stood on his hind legs, and blew his trunk excitedly once again. "Pfffhaaaa!"

Hiero grinned. "What do you say we make our way to the railyard? I was thinking we could take the long way into town and see what the outskirts have to offer." The Phanpy nodded and huffed, stomping the ground with one foot. "Seems to me like we're on the same wavelength then. Let's go!"

And with that, the two left the station platform. Hiero threw his backpack over his shoulder, and began walking toward the railyard.

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