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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post

kawaiiconcept: (Please now reply in PaleGreen) With sense of calm flowing through you, you make your way through the park. Though not the biggest as far as parks go, the Fizzygarden Park is certainly big enough to let the sights and sounds of the city momentarily wash away and let the ambiance of nature surround you. With your most trusted companion at your side, ostensibly you have made your way here to find another friend to add to your many. Instead of having a specific desire in mind, though, you instead let fate play out as it is wont to do. What happens will happen, and you are content with letting chance guide you. In fact, as you reach for a Poke Ball in your possession at random, it seems you let this principle guide much of your life. At your feet, a small steel creature appears, with an odd but rather dashing fedora atop his head. Fate has decided that Erin will play a part today, but what part might it be?

Surprisingly, for a park as acclaimed as this one, today it seems to be at a lull in activity. There are still people to be found, but a great many less than one would have expected. Idly you wonder why this might be, but soon the thought passes as you spy a large tree directly ahead. Full and quite healthy-looking, casting a wide field of shade down on the hill it rests, the tree seems to be the perfect place for a quick pause in your travel.

Making your way up the hill, you find a nice-looking spot to relax. Using a short bit of exposed root as a pillow, you lay on your back. Between the comforting weight of your Espeon on your stomach, the warmth of your Aron against your side, and the soothing wsshhh of the breeze through the above branches, you fall into your favored state of mind. Not quite slumber but not quite meditation, you just are in this blissful blankness. Relaxed as you are, time starts to escape from you. Minutes pass, or maybe hours. Probably not days, but in your state of mind that might actually be a possibility. As all good things do, though, this bliss eventually comes to an end. Rather abruptly, too, as something lands atop your face.

Startled into awareness, you grab at the strange object covering your face. It wasn't heavy, certainly not enough to injure you, but the sudden impact was still surprising after the serenity you felt moments before. As your mind returns to you, you focus down on the object now gripped in your hands: a small sheet of standard printer paper. It appears to be some sort of missing poster, if the large block lettering along the top edge is any indication. At its center a picture runs from edge to edge of a Zorua, well-groomed with a color around its throat and smiling impishly up at the camera. Below the photo a small description rests, summarizing the appearance and demeanor of the above Pokémon, along with a reward listing and contact number.

Just as you finish reading the poster, Frieghya perks up, and soon you hear what she likely heard: the thud of footsteps coming up the hill in your direction. You turn, and see a young woman running up to you. She seems to be your age, maybe only a year or two younger. The woman is dressed rather plainly, in grey jeans and a dark red Henley. Her long black hair sways out behind her as she runs, though what your gaze primarily focuses on is the thick stack of posters in her arms.

"Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry," the woman says in a low contralto voice. "The wind just caught that one right as I was about to post it." She nods back down the hill, at a small post slightly off the path you hadn't noticed before. It seemed to be a notice column, covered in fliers of various sorts: some advertisements, some help wanted requests, some just general garbage that would doubtless be a shitpost had it been online. Turning your attention back to the woman, you find behind her initial embarrassment she seems very melancholy, with a definite slump to her shoulders. At your side your Espeon gives a little tug at your shirt; with her psychic abilities, she also seems to have noticed this woman's sadness.

The woman reaches up and takes the poster from your hands, adding it to her stack. "Really, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to... yeah..." She awkwardly trails off with a sheepish grin that upon further inspection looks visibly forced. "Well, I'm just going to... go now..." The woman bobs in what might pass as an awkward nod towards you, before turning and starting back down the hill.

Well, it seems fate has crossed your path with this woman's. At some point though, even with fate guiding you must still make a choice in what action you take. Do you stop her? Do you let her go on with her life? As the woman begins to walk away... In this crossroad of decisions... What will you do?

(Declared Pokemon: Lv.22 Espeon, Lv.7 Aron)

It took Kawaii a moment to fully understand what was going on. After awaking from these dream-like states she often took a while to get back to funcional proscessing. When she did she shot up and raced after the woman, her pokemon close behind her.
"Exscuse me," the pink haired trainer called "Have you lost your pokemon?"
While thier trainer was conversing with the woman Erin turned to Frieghya and tilted his head with a knowing look in his eye. The Espeon rolled her eyes, knowing exactly what the steel-type wanted. Stop hitting on me I'm not interested in you. she remarked telepathically.
The Aron looked taken aback "I wasn't hitting on you." he played innocent.
The Psychic-type sighed I can read your mind, remember?
Erin looked slightly dijected "You are not going to even try?" he pleaded.
Frieghya turned away I did when we first met. It did not go well.
The Aron looked confused for a moment then blushed, "Oops, yeah I remember that. Sorry."
The Espeon just shrugged wordlessly.
After a few moments Frieghya muttered into Erin's mind I really am sorry for leading you on like that. tears pricked at her eyes but she held them back as best she could.
The steel-type shook his head "No, I pushed you and grew attached to you. Without ever really asking about how you actually felt."
The psychic type relaxed a bit I was desperate and scared. she turned her head and grinned at Erin Besides, now you can find someone who loves you as much as you love them.
The Aron blushed and nodded "You too miss Frieghya."

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