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Originally Posted by Heather View Post
Your quick, calculated response catches the girls off guard. Perhaps they weren't accustomed to anything but fearful submission from their targets, or maybe brave but foolhardy resistance. Either way, it would seem you've gone off their script, and you seize the opportunity to extend your offer to join. If you could just get to the leader, there wouldn't be a need for a bunch of nonsense, right?

The first girl hears your comparison of the Ribs to Team Skull and snorts. She makes a mockery of the Team Skull pose, before making a crude imitation of their manner of speech.

"Yo, yo, check it, I'm Team Skull and I can't even beat a tiny Diglett, cause I'm a big dummy like the rest of us!" she says, before both her and her friend double over in laughter. Apparently, this is a Rib injoke of sorts. Perhaps you ought to watch your comparisons in the future. When they finally calm down, the other girl pipes up.

"Sure, we run like family, but we're not a bunch of weaklings like those numb Skulls. If you wanna join up, you gotta show us that you're tough enough to make it here on the streets of the Ridge and beat the Shells right outta town! You know what that means!" she says, clicking the release of her Poké Ball, a Yamask materializing in front of her. Its golden mask is covered in dings and scrapes. The face on it is missing an eye, the mold of a large gash going over it instead. It's said a Yamask's mask resembles the face of who the Yamask was in life, and it would seem this Yamask had had some grisly experiences before it kicked the bucket.

"And don't think it's just her you're fighting!" the first girl pipes up again, doing the same with her own Poké Ball, a Carvanha leaping out from it, jaws snapping, a fierce glare in its eyes. It's jaws are wickedly sharp, and small spatters of a darker crimson decorate the area...blood, certainly. It seems quite eager to begin, perhaps even too impatient for a normal Pokémon...

You are challenged by Young Ribs Aimee and Tara, with a Carvanha and Yamask! What's your next move?
Austin saw how the girls laughed at his comparison, and did some apparent mockery of Team Skull. It was cute, and quite juvenile. However, both of them wanted to test him. It seems his attempt at pacifism didn't work. Oh well, like it mattered. A sadistic grin soon covered his face. He was ready, fangs bared.

"Ladies, you know two on one isn't fair right? Anyways, you've been naughty kids, so I think I need to give you some punishment~" he cooed as he drew out Wisp and Marie's balls. He saw they already had their Pokemon out. A Yamask with a gruesome demise, and a ravenous Carvahna with blood-stained teeth. Perfect.

He threw the Poke Ball and Ghost Ball into the air. Out came a Litwick and a Gengar, who both seemed to be happy to see him. The Litwick tackled him with a hug, causing Austin to give it a small bat on the head. At this point, Wisp never feasted on him. The Gengar gave him a snigger and hten stuck out her tongue. She then cleared her throat, and started to speak.

"Hey Gingy, I was having a fun nap you know," Marie sighed, not even noticing her foes behind her. Austin sighed, then gave his answer.

"Sorry mother, we have a battle to do."

"Oh we do now?" she asked playfully before turning around. The girls seemed to be a bit surprised at a talking Gengar. "HEY! Didn't your mother ever teach you to not stare at strangers? Oh, what happened to your Pokemon? I didn't know that trainers were starting to put makeup on their Pokemon too now. Oh well, they'll be needing it once we're done."

"Marie that was too harsh," Austin responded, shaking his head. Wisp just gave the Gengar a stern look.

"Hey it was all in jest, orders sir?"

"Anyways girls. Time to play! Marie, how about we start off this match by giving the Yamask a nice Shadow Punch! Then a Night Shade should do nicely... Finish off by shooting a Confuse Ray to the fish. A fish out of water isn't fun now, isn't?" He ordered.

"Yes sir!"

"Wisp, let's assist Marie for a second. Trap the Yamask in a Fire Spin. No escape from the flames of judgement. Then let's make some tempura... fry the fish with Shock Wave, and then an Energy Ball!"

Let the show begin.


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