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Originally Posted by Heather View Post
A dull, pleasant sense of some unknown emotion wells up in the back of your mind as you wander the streets of Bedlam City. The chaotic atmosphere feels luxuriant to you, feeling even better than that of Virbank City. Here, you could be alive. You could roam free, at your leisure, with nothing stopping you. After all, the law was, at least mostly, a thing of the past here in Bedlam Ridge, much as the Marshals tried. They couldn't fight a two-front war against both the Shells and Ribs.

Speaking of the Ribs, you find yourself wandering into their territory, perhaps on purpose. You think of the gang's supposed similarity to Team Skull, wondering if they could offer you the sense of family you hadn't felt in so long. Even with your team beside you, there was something about a group of other people having your back that simply couldn't be replaced. Gazing around at all the graffiti tags scattered around the edifices, the broken windows resembling mangled jaws of glass, somehow you feel more at home here than you had at Virbank.

As you take a moment to rest on some nearby rubble and note to yourself to use more conditioner, you hear some shuffling from around a corner. Quickly turning to look, you see no one there. A light rain begins to fall on the area. Deciding that getting out of the rain is more important than some spooky noise, you decide to get up when you hear the shuffling sound again. This time, however, it's accompanied by a voice.

"Hey! You want some?" you hear, a girl's voice, a young one at that. You turn around to see a girl approaching you. She is fairly pale, with matte blue eyes-or at least, the one you can see is such a color. Her hair, a somewhat messy undercut, is jet black, and bangs cover her right eye. She wears a dull green crop top and short, worn denim shorts, complete with worn-looking gray crew socks, likely once white, and equally grimy tennis shoes. Spiked bracelets adorn both her wrists. She has a Poké Ball in her hand, and she doesn't seem happy with you. Suddenly, however, another voice cuts in as well, from the direction you'd just been facing.

"This is Rib territory, trespasser! You're not going anywhere now...besides with us!" it says nastily, the speaker stepping out from behind the other side of the building next to you, another young girl, probably friends with the first. This girl has a slightly darker complexion, her eyes a dull red, probably from contacts, with messy cornrows of a similar color. She wears a solid green dress mottled with mud spots and patches, with ripped-up striped knee socks and a similarly dirty pair of shoes. She also has a Poké Ball with her, and has just as fierce a look as her friend.

"That's right! Just give up and come with us, or there'll be trouble!" the first girl says, clearly confident in what she's saying. The two expand their Balls, ready to deploy their contents at a moment's notice, slowly closing in on you. Even though these girls look no older than 12, they seem to be with the Ribs, and they mean business. They don't seem like they'd be willing to talk, either, and they have you surrounded, leaving you with no safe means of escape. You haven't much time to make a decision...

What will you do?
As Austin started to wander, he heard a voice behind him. Turning around, he sees a girl in green and gray yell at him. Another voice then speaks from his previous direction, telling him that he was trespassing. Tilting his head back, he saw another girl in a green, dirty dress. They were exactly what he was looking for, the Ribs. Normally someone would condemn someone for joining a gang at an age so young, but there is always reasons for them to do so. He didn't know their story, but they seemed hostile towards him. That wasn't any way to treat a newcomer. At least what he wanted came to him first.

"Why should I come with you? Am I going to get punished? Tortured?" He sneered, chuckling a bit at the thought. He had gotten a lot more snarky in the past year. Anyone would when dealing with Marie. Speaking of the Gengar, he clutched her ball in his pocket. Wisp's was in the other pocket, and he had quick enough fingers to get both out if things started to turn ugly.

"Relax relax. I was looking for you guys anyways. You see I've heard about you guys. Somethings good, somethings bad. A lot of people compare you to Alola's Team Skull. And knowing anything about them, they treat each other like family. I don't want to fight, okay? I'd like to join. So if we could drop the hostilities and if you two could please take me to whoever is in charge, that'd be great," he responded in a much more calm, welcoming tone. It's always hard with people... But he had no one now. They were all gone...

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