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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Temporary City Zone

Goldenridge City was founded over two hundred years ago as a result of the discovery of gold and other valuable minerals nearby. Over time the prosperous mountainside grew and developed, run by the Goldenridge Council, a quintet of like-minded individuals who sought to expand and grow the city with the riches within the open quarry mine. All was well and good, and the city seemed poised to become a central hub of trade within the region.

Alas, all good things come to an end, and the talons of Mammon would touch the hearts of the council. Debates on the use of the wealth soon led to infighting, and inevitably the scuffle led to three of the five laying in a pool of their own life oil. The surviving two fled to their own wards in Goldenridge, and the vacuum of power was never filled. Without the council to direct the laws of the land, the city descended into anarchy and riot.

The citizens who never fled found themselves trapped in the midst of a great turf war between two main factions: The Shells, outcasts of a sector of Team Rocket who reneged on the criminal group to strike out on their own, headed by Marquis Rigel von Argentus, one of the two surviving council members who bloodied his hands on his fellow peers. The Ribs, common thugs who revelled in the sudden turmoil and turned to hooliganism and looting, building their own fortunes off of others, commanded by a female known only as Piper.

The Goldenridge Marshals are the struggling police force trying to bring both the Shells and Ribs down, and restore order to the city under the orders of Lieutenant Kyle Vicefeder, who made the grisly discovery of the fall of the council. Elsewhere, the local population struggle with life under the chaos, be it theft from the Ribs, extortion and conscription from the Shells or trouble from other menial crooks seeking profit and fun in the decaying city now known only as Bedlam Ridge.

Will you be the one to join the fight against the gangs, or will the temptation of culture sway you to try and contribute to the conquest of the city by the Shells or Ribs? Or perhaps you may simply want to try and find fortune wherever it may be, one thing is for certain: You'll be in for the ride of your life, here in Bedlam Ridge.


Crimson Sanctum (Shells): The once tranquil and revered Chalice Sanctum was conquered by the Shells when chaos erupted, and the cathedral sector is now under their iron grip. Located to the south-west, the expansive building complex is now a stronghold of the group, who seek to swoop into the vacuum of power and place their leader as undisputed Grand Duke of Goldenridge, at any cost. Their ruthless nature and determination means trouble for those who would cross them, but for those who wish to make something out of their deeds would be rewarded well. The link to the old Rockets means that some of the more dubious pokemon hang around the sanctum. Reply in Scarlet.
Bedlam Ridge. The very name suggests boredom, but the city of Goldenridge was anything but boring. In fact, it was the first solid lead Michael ever had on anything related to Team Rocket. One of the gangs fighting for control over the city was the Shells, a group rumored to be comprised of former members of Team Rocket, and their territory, known as the Crimson Sanctum, was where he decided to begin his journey.

One thing you might notice, dear audience, is that there is no Hyrem in this picture. That is because Michael hadn't even told him of what he was know, him being in an area of ill repute, it might not have sit very well with his trainer. Besides, the less that he involved Hyrem in whatever trouble he was about to get himself into, the better. He wasn't planning on going in alone, however; at the forefront of the allies he brought along would be his trusted friends Brittany and Chex, with Chex currently outside of his Pokeball, although there were other teammates he could call upon should the need arise. In addition, should it come down to it, he could always ditch his human disguise as a last resort and battle as his true, ghostly form.

For now, he would appear as a human, in the appearance of his past life. And if anyone recognized him...well, he might not be able to control himself, but at least he would discover a potential target. Hopefully that situation wouldn't arise here, but he was ready for it just in case. Right now, however, he would merely wander the streets as he had no real clue where to go, but if he was in the right place he would have people to talk to in no time.

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