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Hanging in the air, looking left and right in a desperate attempt to locate her foe, Bliss takes a moment before deciding on her course of action. Just as her eyes begin to well with tears though, the invisible Aphie opens her mouth wide, hurling her tongue forth and delivering a smack to the face of her opponent. Bliss blinks for a moment, having been taken completely by surprise, before narrowing her eyes and awaiting the next move of her foe. Aphie obliges, igniting her tail in a fine aura of silver energy and leaping towards Bliss. With a twisting motion, the Kecleon manages to land a stinging blow to the body of her foe - but not without giving some indication to her whereabouts. Almost choking, Bliss spews forth a small gob of sickly purple fluid, cheering as she hears Aphie hiss, the toxins beginning to sink into her skin.

Bliss has a vague idea of Aphie's whereabouts, but nothing more. She's just entered her second third. Bliss fresh after an impromptu breather, Aphie is showing signs of tiring but can manage two if needed.
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