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Will be attempting to keep within the 48 hour DQ in some weird attempt to show I actually give a fuck, feel free to shout at me in all manners the split second I might go over. Also, this just in, Equiall 5 apparently neuters my squad a lot more than I thought it did going into this. XD


Onslaught Badge
Global Badge
The badge of the Donnybrook Coliseum, emblazoned with a flaming fist representing justice. This badge is given to trainers who triumphed in the Coliseum, and represents their skill and determination to win in an all out assault.
Badge Effect: Furious Onslaught
This badge allows the wielder to use one additional Three Move Combo in all of their matches.

Allows Lucario to Mega Evolve.
Attached to Emlyn the Lucario

Token of Community Appreciation
This Token allows the attached Pokemon to have a slightly more powerful sig than usual. Removing this token will also cause the sig to be considered null and void, and the sig itself must state that it exists due to this token for clarity's sake.
Attached to Siren the Lapras


Emlyn: Female Lucario (level 5)
Biography: Well trained in the art of fighting, Emlyn is no stranger to the idea that one must remain collected in order to defeat their foes. With many trickster foes capable of throwing minds out of whack with their multitude of mind altering attacks, Emlyn has focused on turning these tricks against their users for her own advantage.
Hidden Power: Bug
Lucarionite Attached
Special Attack: Infinity Strike (Fighting)
Emlyn closes her eyes and focuses her mind to clear it of all negative thoughts and return herself to her original mental state. Following this, Emlyn charges energy into her arms and strikes open palm with both hands. The strikes is rather forceful, and can cause foes of Emlyn's size or smaller to be sent backwards a way. The strike is charged with the energy used to clear the mind, normally dealing good damage, however, if the attack has successfully cleared any negative condition from Emlyn's mind, the attack deals considerable damage. Infinity Strike uses solid energy and can be used twice per battle.

Siri: Genderless Porygon-Z (level 5)
Biography: Siri was once the program inhabiting Mozz's phone, before she eventually became self-aware and attempted to break free. But her attempts required time, and she would find herself under constant attacks from viruses due to some... iffy searches, as well as feeling horrified as she would watch Mozz put valuable information out into the internet where it could be stolen. As such, she developed specialized firewalls that would shut down incoming viruses or prevent outgoing data. After she finally managed her escape, she adapted these firewalls for battle.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Special Attack: Firewall (Fire)
Siri uses significant Fire energy to loose a wall of flames which wraps itself around the arena before striking the foe. The amount of damage done is dependent on whether Siri uses the Upload or Download version of this attack, with Upload dealing moderate damage and Download dealing mild damage, the flames then waiting to strike later. The main difference between Upload and Download is when they strike during switches and new Pokemon being sent out. Upload will strike any Pokemon the opposing trainer recalls for moderate damage, while Download will strike any Pokemon the opposing trainer sends out for mild damage. This attack must be ordered as either Upload Firewall or Download Firewall, and Siri can only use each form once per battle, and has enough Fire energy to use both forms of Firewall in the same match.

Aphie: Female Kecleon (level 5)
Biography: Aphie's skin is a plum color. We really don't know why. Deeply in love with Jeri's Kecleon, Koi, Aphie used to regularly tackle and attempt to subdue her love interest. But even with training, her attempts were always in vain, and so she now admires him from afar. ...and sometimes not so far. Her habits - stalking some would call it - require the utmost stealth, but Koi being a Kecleon as well means that even when camouflaged Aphie would always be easily spotted due to the presence of her stripe. As such, she has practiced hard in order to mask even her one glaring weakness when hiding.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Special Training: Not Even A Restraining Order
When camouflaged, Aphie's stripe is no longer visible as it would normally be for other Kecleon. However, her Camouflage requires a light amount of extra energy to use.

Caesar: Male Aegislash (level 5)
Biography: The soul of a valiant soldier and leader, stabbed in the back by his friends. Caesar has wandered the afterlife with his defenses constantly up. He's even gone so far as to learn how to catch his opponent off guard before they can do the same to him.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Special Attack: Shield Chuck (Steel)
Caesar coats his shield in a good amount of Steel energy before tossing it violently at his foe. The strike is quick, dealing moderate damage, and upon hitting any object, Caesar's shield will automatically return to his sword. Due to the swift nature of the blow, it will frequently catch opponents off guard, startling them and allowing Caesar to strike with a follow up attack much more easily. Additionally, due to the Steel energy, if this attack is used to charge through any energy based attack, the damage taken will be somewhat reduced, much like Iron Head.

Siren: Female Lapras (level 5)
Biography: Siren got her name from the mythical creatures that once lured sailors and pirates to their deaths on sharp rocks with the sound of their beautiful singing. Like her namesake, Siren also enjoys singing for those who sail at sea, though not for any purposes that would be considered ill. No, instead she sings beautiful songs in trade for their most beautiful drink, rum.
Hidden Power: Ground
Token of Community Appreciation Attached
Signature Training: Yo Ho Yo Ho
Thanks to her Token of Community Appreciation, Siren has gained the ability to put all that rum in her stomach to good use, burning it as fuel for powerful Fire attacks. As such, she has learned Inferno, Mystical Fire, and Flame Charge, and due to the sheer volume of rum in her system, she is considered familiar with the Fire type. Thanks to the rum burning extremely strong, Siren's Fire moves are usable underwater with no loss in power.

Mordremoth: Male Sceptile (level 5)
Biography: The most recently awoken of the Elder Dragons, Mordremoth was awoken many years before his time, thanks to the corruption it leaked into the world causing an uprising in the plants above. The plants dug into the ley lines, causing them to fault and magic to surge, waking the great jungle dragon. And though he has just awoken, he is making his mark on the world quickly.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Technique: Mordrem's Trap (Grass)
Mordremoth manifests Grass energy in the location of his choosing, even in the middle of the air if necessary, causing it to solidify into a spherical trap made of thick vines. The vines are solid and tangled, making brute force attacks less potent at breaking them all at once, taking a heavy amount of damage to break, while cutting attacks will be much more effective than on things such as Rock Tomb, with only a decent amount of effort required. This technique costs considerable energy, however if there are plants in the area from which Mordremoth may grow these vines, the energy cost will only be decent.


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