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Round 3: A New Referee Arrives

Kuno's mega amulet activates, a rainbow vale coats Charizard as its mega stone is activated. As the light dies down, Charizard has undergone his mega evolution, his pitch black skin and rippling blue flames create a terrifying image.

Charizard exhales a plume of black smoke, coating the arena in a smokescreen, that should make it harder for TiVo to spot him! TiVo doesnt seem to worried though, the smeargle glows in a dull green light. The energy seems to refresh his body, healing both his confusion and his burns! Wow thats handy, but i doubt he will remain unburnt for long.

While Charizard uses the cover of the smokescreen to catch his breathe, TiVo decides to press the offense. He exhales a billowing twister of dragon energy, the twirling energy pulls in some of the smoke as it hurtles through the air. Charizard has moved a bit since he was last seen and his black hide has blended into the smoke nicely, so it is no surprise that the twister is slightly off the mark. The twister slams into charizards right wing, the partial blow sends him spinning but he manages to steady himself. With most of the smokescreen removed by the twister, TiVo now has a clear shot and decides to take advantage of it. He fires off a blast of muddy water, the stream of filthy water slams into charizards underbelly, the fierce beasts roars in pain.

Charizard is just inside the final third after a rough round, but is fresh. TiVo avoided damage and can go for two, but will experience some fatigue at the start of next round. TiVo has 2/3 of his ground and 1/2 of his water remaining and is out of his dragon energy.

Apost to order

(if i have messed up Smeargles type energy let me know, i havent reffed it before and i think it has some weird rule with it? i couldnt find info on it anywhere.

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