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Round 2

Sorry for the wait ^^

Charizard, a naturally intimidating Pokemon, kicks off the round with a fierce howl. This startles TiVo, who instinctively puts up his Safeguard to protect him from the nonexistent threat. No attack comes, however, as Charizard's next order requires Hyper Beam to happen. TiVo, seeing he's not getting attacked, drops his safeguard and begins to charge a Hyper Beam. This being the draconian beast's cue, he lunges, growling, with his tail glowing in metallic energy. TiVo rushes to send the blast out, and while Charizard uses his tail to weaken the blow, Charizard is clearly in pain. TiVo doesn't have much time to celebrate, however, as Charizard's tail soon bashes him in the skull, leaving him clutching his head, groaning in pain. Charizard lands upon the ground, smirking devilishly, before charging some fighting energy into his fist. Without missing a beat, Charizard delivers an exploding uppercut directly to TiVo's jaw, sending the Smeargle flying backward. TiVo shakily rises from the ground, but it's clear he's very disoriented after that blow.

TiVo is confused and took a lot of damage, already dropping him past the midpoint of health. He'll be fresh after this round's one-mover, though. Meanwhile, Charizard is doing great, still just within his first third. He's rather tired however, and wants a break.

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