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Psychic (PS) -- In the default setting, the user directs a simple wave of force at the opponent, hitting fairly hard and sending them and anything loose in the arena such as rocks or leaves flying or rolling back. This deals significant damage for significant energy. Alternatively, the user channels telekinetic abilities to pick up and move any solid object, including the opponent and physical projectile attacks. The effect of this move is expected to be specified, being it moving things in the arena into the opponent, or picking up and moving or slamming the opponent. The user's proficiency with telekinesis is dictated by their level, evolutionary state, freshness and focus. Psychic types are more proficient than other Pokémon. Size and weight are not that important, but in general telekinesis will not be able to launch foes a huge distance. Telekinetic Psychic will use solid energy, but also has considerably more control and stopping power than Telekinesis.

Bolded is the description for Telekinetic Psychic. Italicized is the part of the description I drew my interpretation from. The way I see it, since overall size is noted to be relatively unimportant, TiVo would be able to pull the rock from the ground just fine. However, the amount of control he has over it, I think, would be limited, not to the point where he can't thrust the slab forward like he did, but to the point where he couldn't aim the boulder at a moving target trying to avoid damage to its wing with any good accuracy. (While you did not order for this to happen, I ref Pokemon generally trying to protect the weakest parts of their bodies if the situation allows for it- they're creatures, not machines). I say he wouldn't have this level of proficiency because he's not a Psychic-Type and his focus is somewhat weaker thanks to the distraction of the burn.

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