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UPN PASBL: Kuno vs Aposteriori

Princess Kuno (C) vs Aposteriori (A)
Arena: Referee's Choice
Switch = KO
72 HR DQ
Two people who likely are at least 96% rust at this point. On one side, our Emperor Kuno, on the other, an old Flying hopeful, Apos. I will be your referee today- while I've been trying to cut back on reffing this seemed fun and I think I can handle all of two matches just fine :p

Our Arena:
Lavaridge Town Hot Springs: A quaint town at the base of Mt. Chimney, filled with hot springs warmed by thermal vents from the boilng magma below. Battlers start among the hot springs in the sandy area that surrounds them. Though the sand allows for easy digging, the water from the spring has compacted it enough to allow for easy transfer of Ground energy. The numerous springs that dot the area are filled with pleasantly warm water, warm enough to relax but not too hot that it might burn. Pokémon who enter the hot springs will feel immediately relaxed, resetting their mental state. Due to the rather warm nature of the water, any attacks that employ this water will make targets that dislike heat rather uncomfortable, though they will deal no extra damage.
Looks fun enough to me, but if either of you dislike it I can find something else.

Otherwise, let's get a squad from Kuno, hmm?

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.
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