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I've been wanting to play this again, and am looking forward to when they implement Gen 7 changes, but in the meantime ...

Why not try your luck with Pokémon cries?

Spoiler: show

Got a 12/22 the first go-around. There were quite a few I knew I knew but couldn't place! So I took this screencap seconds before the answers might pop up (which they did), averted my gaze on returning to the window from Paint, and reloaded the page.

Still only managed a 15/22 the second time around. orz ^^; Some of the ones I knew I could place, I did. (Jynx and Ralts, for example.) Others, I knew I knew them ... and then got them only by stumbling into them while trying to put them down for some other answer. ^^;; (Beautifly.)

And then there's No.2 which I SWORE TO GOD WAS HORSEA GDI. (I can tell the correct answer is correct, but man ... There was no way I was unhearing that one as Horsea during the quiz!)
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