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If it helps, you really don't have to watch the episodes in order, but if you prefer to then fair enough (I'm usually the same way).

Though now that you've seen it I can share a story my father told me - back in the 70's he was in the merchant navy and was flying out to a new post. While on the plane, he was offered some headphones but refused due to the then-extortionate cost, so was watching the inflight entertainment without sound. One of the items was Gourmet Night, and upon reaching the scene where Basil starts beating the car with the branch the whole plane (mostly without headphones) burst out laughing at the sight. Yeah I know it was another time, but I've always liked that anecdote of his.

>I know Dave is going to hate me for this

Nah. Different strokes for different blokes and all that. And agreeing about Blackadder, for Talon's sake - Series 1 is dreadful (albeit has Brian Blessed in it), while series 2-4 are excellent.
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