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Round 6: A U-turn on a decision

No probs, I only found out myself a few weeks ago c:

Rich gathers some more ground energy, and fires another Shot of Mud at the Electric-type. Pachirisu Quickly evades the mud, but still gets clipped by it due to the proximity. She still manages to deal a light Attack to the Rock-type though.

Rich follows up by gathering up all the Rocks littered around, levitating them into the air, before Slideing them onto Pachirisu. The EleSquirrel screeches in pain, before picking herself up, surrounding herself in an aura of Bug-type energy. She rushes forward, dealing some decent damage to the Shellfish, before U-turning backward, converting to energy as she is recalled to the Pokéball.

In the Electric-type's place, Muffin sends out his next Pokémon, again nicknameless, this time a Spheal of the male variety. However, it's not all good for the new entrant - Stealth Rocks rise up from the ground, striking him for good damage before he's even done anything.

Hmmm, a Spheal...

Originally Posted by Pokédex
Spheal: (Water/Ice) Spheal's rotund body allows it to gain speed and momentum very quickly with Rollout. It moves primarily by rolling.
Pachirisu took more damage, now at 1/3. Spheal took good damage, a good way from perfect already. Rich took decent damage, a good way from perfect now.

Pachirisu used heavy energy, just below 1/2 in total, and having used up all her Bug energy, meaning no more U-turns. Spheal has used no energy. Rich used decent energy, just over 1/2 overall, with Ground energy at a negilgable amount, a weak Mud Shot at most.

Rich still has Toxic poison seeping into his system, and will take effect next round. Pachirisu has switched out, but must return as one of Muffin's final 2 Pokémon.

They're about 1 metre/3 feet apart.

muffinluvr has used his only three-mover this match.

Orders from Muffin.
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