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Rich starts the round by firing a Water Pulse at the airborne Electric-type, but the squirrel dodges by Quickly flying up until she hits her flight ceiling, the orb harmlessly splashing into the river.

Her levitation starting to falter, the EleSquirrel divebombs the Rock-type, intent on showing her Frustration with how the match has progressed for her, scratching, pounding and biting. Rich hunkers down, letting his tough carapace take the damage, though it all adds up. Earthbound once more, Pachirisu staggers backward, before finding herself enTombed in a mound of Rocks that Rich had pulled up from the riverbed, trapping her as the round ends.

Pachirisu took no damage that round, her health unchanged. Rich finally took some damage, a slight way from perfect as a result.

Pachirisu used good energy, now just below 3/4. Rich used good energy, nearing 3/4 overall.

Pachirisu's levitation has ended, and she's now stuck in a Rock Tomb.

They're about 2 metres/6 feet apart.

Orders from Muffin.
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