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UPN PASBL: muffinluvr VS.Yougirasu

'Sup. Hello everyone, and welcome to this battle between two members of the PASBL. I am roughly aquainted with one of them, while one is a newbie. Over to the stats:

Originally Posted by Battle format
muffinluvr (c) vs.Yougirasu (a)
3 vs 3
72 Hour DQ
Return = KO
Ref's choice arena.
So, I've seen Yougi around the TO, and I know he doesn't like Murkrow for some reason--

Quoth: Jerk

--quiet, you. And I know that muffin (as I'm going to refer to him because 'luvr' is too inconvenient to type) is the twin of someone else I'm reffing for. So then, the arena choice was up to me.

Tetraodon:'re a fish guy, what was to be expected?

Originally Posted by Arena descriptions
River (Outdoor. Advanced Water Arena): An advanced level arena, not recommended for novice referees or trainers. A wide river, with the Pokémon battling in, above and on the banks of it. Pokémon which cannot swim or fly will be at a disadvantage. The river flows fast, and Pokémon will have to be careful not to get swept away.
So, be sure to bring your swimming/flying/floating Pokémon, though land-lubbers will still be able to battle, they'll just be restricted to the banks.

And down to the order:
muffinluvr posts squad,
Yougirasu posts squad and selects first 'mon,
muffin sends out a counter-mon and orders,
Yougi counter-orders,
I ref,
Yougi orders,
muffin counter-orders,
I ref,
Rinse and repeat.

And with no further ado:

Trainer Level 6 - A- Grade Ref - Dark Gym Leader

Fizzy Bubbles - Cable Club Post - Wild Future

Spoiler: show

Various awesome artstuffs by DaisyInari
Spoiler: show

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