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Originally Posted by 134 View Post
I assume it's still gender specific, so for example a female Ralts could not make use of a Gallade stone?
Although not really related to the Forever Stone, I actually got a new idea from this:

Perhaps a Stone to use to remove the restriction of gender for evolution? (Not change the gender mind you. Just gaining the ability for one Pokémon to evolve into a form restricted to the other gender, while staying in the gender they have.) As in: Female Kirlia could evolve into a Gallade, a male Snorunt into Frolass, female Burmy into Mothim, male Burmy into Wormadam, Male Combee into Vespiquen and Male Salandit into Salazzle. Perhaps even have Espurr evolve into the opposite-gendered form, but feels that's going a little too far. I dunno. Oh and obvious thing is obvious: you still need the other/normal requirements to evolve the Pokémon.

Maybe the idea as a whole is too much, admittedly, but... I'm still throwing that idea in, and let you guys judge.

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