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Okay, this is something that I have had in the back of my mind to bring up for a while now but haven't really had a good chance to until now.

It feels like shop owners, particularly those who can update their shop weekly at most, gain rewards at a much slower pace than updaters or even compared to those who own shops that can incorporate RP into their posts without it being forced in any way. Mostly I'm referring to shops where Pokemon stats or currency balances are being updated because it's just not feasible to gain bonus points when there isn't much writing you can do without it feeling repetitive or spritework without it feeling out of place in some way, and bonuses for these shop owners for doing something "particularly challenging" are pretty hard to come by when the best you can do is...confirm everything correctly on a weekly basis? I don't know, it just feels like rewards from those shops come at a pretty sluggish pace, even when you get a point a week for updating your shop. (Which I'm not very good at updating my shop weekly to begin with, so that also factors in to how many points I've gotten; I haven't even gotten enough points for my first Enigma Egg yet. ^_^;)

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