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Originally Posted by kawaiiconcept View Post
Spoiler: show
Kawaii gasped as her Aron disappeared in front of her. "Erin!" she cried out. Something clicked in her head, "Oh my gosh! I know where your Zourua went. If they aren't in that van that just left."
Frieghya took a moment to reflect and rest. She breathed in and out slowly and used her mental prowess to try and refresh her energy. The Espeon hoped that her Herdier friend would get better soon. Frighya knew she had to worry about herself as well but she was always one to worry about other's first.
Cassie was trying to catch her breath as she desperately tried to recover from her poisoning. She dug deep and heard echoed barking. It was all in her head but that did not matter. She saw a vision before her, a Growlith with one green stripe on his head was approaching her. His fur blown in a nonexistent wind. The image of Wolfie nuzzled her. "You can beat this Cassie I believe in you. You can deal with anything life throws at you." He licked her nose gently then curled up next to her. The normal-type felt a warmth in her side and opened her eyes. She hadn't realized that they had been closed. Cassie stood up and gritted her teeth. She sniffed at the air, trying to find the Zourua once more. The Herdier was going to fight through her pain. Her missing mate was right, she was a fighter. The normal type could feel his words reverberate in her chest as she fought her pain.
kawaiiconcept: As torn as you are at Erin's disappearance, something seems to click together for you. Turning to Annalise, you exclaim that you know where Parker might have gone, if of course they weren't in the van you hope Newt will track. Surprised at your sudden outburst, a look of tentative hope enters Annalise's eyes, along with a stronger look of confusion. "Really?" she asks. "Where could you think she'd be?"

With your Pokémon, Frieghya takes full advantage of this lull to slump to the ground, centering her mind and taking a short rest to regain some energy. Time will tell if she's successful. At the same moment, Cassie comes out of her Poke ball. Brought down onto her forelegs by the poison rippling through her veins, Cassie feels a warmth spread through her body. As a pale line of a shooting star arcs across the sky, she sees a vision of her love approach her. Soothe her. Reassure her of her own inner strength. A phantom tongue nudges her nose and a wave of otherworldly feeling washes over Cassie. Despite her poison, she feels herself gain a second wind, her superficial injuries numbing to nothing. Still, even the power of a Wish can't outright cure poison, just delay its effects.

Inspired by the words of her mate, Cassie refocuses, sniffing through the air in another attempt to catch Parker's scent. She trudges forward, away from the group, but for a long moment all she can smell is the mingled mess of scents from the impromptu battle. She starts to pick up a hint of what she remembers as Parker's scent, but following it leads right back to where she was earlier; she picked up the same scent trail as before.

What will you do?

(Declared 4/6: Espeon, Aron, Herdier, Woobat)

Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Spoiler: show
Jayson was pleased to see that Atalanta wasn't leading him towards McCoy. The Rowlet was still getting used to her scouting duties but she was a natural talent and he trusted her not to do something as foolish as that. Instead she had directed them to a small swarm of Durant that were tearing the track apart with their monstrous mandibles. Jayson was enraged at the sight, both because of the disregard they had for the tracks and because he disliked Durants. This wasn't without a good reason, Jayson could still remember his first experience with the Bug types during his adventure through the Unova region.

It was early in his adventure, he had only just obtained his first Pokemon in the region and it was still rather weak. He was training in a field when suddenly his Pokemon disappeared. While search for his lost Pokemon, Jayson fell into the same trap his Pokemon had. Little did he know, they had been training atop a gigantic Durant nest! They were trapped in the maze of tunnels for days, it took every ounce of strength they had to hold off the Durant and escape with their lives. He had only seen a few Durant since then and every time he had beaten them out of sheer hatred. This time would be no different.

"Thanks for the aid Jim, let's send this lot packing before they do too much damage." Boudicca copy Jim's Swinub, double Mudslap. Logi this fight has you written all over it buddy. Bathe them all in a Heat Wave, don't hold up, give them another Heat Wave. Atalanta, fan Logi's flames with Ominous Winds, push those dastardly Durant away!
TheKnightsFury: At the sight of the armor-coated insects, rage grips you tight. Fueled by a vendetta lasting nearly as long as you'd been adventuring, you are determined to put a stop to these annoying ants here and now.

As you issue your commands, your team springs into action. Boudicca joins Jim's Swinub in charging forward, each Slapping Mud towards the huddle of Durant. At the same instant, Logi - still rather winded from before - breathes in deeply, exhaling out a Wave of Heat. Quickly, Atalanta flaps her wings, lacing a rather Ominous looking Wind into the Heat Wave, propelling it ahead of the duo of Ground-types to the insect quartet.

Minding their own business, the Durant are caught by surprise when two of their own get a face full of mud. More an annoyance than anything, neither seems particularly harmed by the Mud Slap, though they do find the mud disrupts their vision as they move to wipe it away. Unfortunately, that is the moment the Ominous Wind-infused Heat Wave reaches them. You hear the Durant quartet bellow screeches of pain as their metal armors rapidly heat up, the mud from earlier drying out into a hard coat over the two unlucky Durants' eyes.

The foursome angrily chitter in their own language, before the two mud-covered Durant branch off and head vaguely in your and your team's direction. Of the other two, both glowing slightly from the heat, one begins unintelligibly Screeching. The noise grates against your ears, and you see that all your team and Jim's Swinub react similarly, blocking their ears where able, opening themselves for attack. Just as you think the noise is over, the other mud-free Durant grinds his Metal mandibles together, creating a hard Sound that further affects you and your team. The two then return to dismantling the steel rails, more concerned with their task than the attackers.

Under the cover of these distractions, the two blinded Durant rush forward with surprising speed. One Hustles toward Boudicca, his Metal mandibles reaching out like a pair of Claws to swipe at the donkey...

...Unfortunately, between his mad rush and his blinded state, he runs right by Boudicca and rams into the nearby track, bending the steel and flipping himself onto his back. The other Durant Hustles at Jim's Swinub in a similar Metal Claw maneuver, with much better success. Caught unaware from the cacophonous noise, Jim's Swinub howls out as a large gash opens on his left flank, soaking the surrounding fur red.

In retaliation, the Swinub weakly Slaps another paw of Mud across the Durant's face, just barely knocking him backwards and further blinding him. Over by the rails, Boudicca does the same to the unlucky Durant, Slapping Mud across its underbelly. At the same time, Logi and Atalanta set up a second Ominous Wind-Heat Wave combo, Logi wheezing slightly as he exhales. You get the feeling that between this battle and the earlier work, he'll only manage another Heat Wave, maybe two if he really pushes himself. As the wind combo reaches the various Durant, they again screech out as their super-heated armor begins cooking their insides. Also, again, the mud covering the two Durant on the offensive hardens, making their respective conditions that much worse. And if that weren't enough, the poor unfortunate Durant flat out on his back continues to smolder, burned by the Heat Wave. That one just couldn't catch a break.

By you, Jim grits his teeth as his Swinub is injured. "Gerrold," he yells, "back off and get out of range, then unleash a Powder Snow! Freeze their asses!"

At this point, none of your team has a scratch on them thanks to lady luck. What are your orders?

(Declared 3/6: Rowlet, Mudbray, Darumaka)

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