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Originally Posted by kawaiiconcept View Post
Spoiler: show
Kawaii winced as the ball hit her head. She chuckled to herself, she tried her best, what had she been expecting? The pinkette still refused to just throw pokeballs at pokemon. She wanted her team to be created willingly. Her pokemon chose her as much as she had chosen them. The female trainer shook her head and retrieved the empty pokeball.
Kawaii had to think fast. She immediately recalled Cassie. She hoped that this would prevent her precious puppy from getting worse. The pinkette directed Erin at the Lopbunny, “Use another harden before you charge it with another Headbutt.” The Aron closed his eyes and his shell grew thicker before he hopped up and charged towards the weak Normal-type.
Meanwhile The female trainer was tending to her Espeon. She fed the phsychic-type one of the berries and petting her head and making cooing noises. "Hey," she murmured "Cassie is really sick with poison. Could you use wish on her to remove her status effects?"
Frieghya nodded getting up slowly. Kawaii let her herdier out once again and the Espeon closed her eyes. Her forehead jewl glowed and somwhere a shooting star crossed the sky.
Meanwhile the pinkette turned to her human companion "Do you need any help?" she asked croutching down besides her fellow trainer, "What are you looking for?"
Suddenly she smaked her forehead "I'm so dumb, hang on." she took out another pokeball and released a Woobat. "Go after that Van." the female trainer instructed "Observe only, report back to me once you know where it's going."
The psychic type nodded and took off into the sky. He used his Echo-location to find the van faster than any other method probably would have.
kawaiiconcept: Disheartened, but not particularly surprised at the outcome of your gambit, you throw yourself back into the winding-down battle. Before you do anything else, you pull out your Herdier's Pokeball, recalling her with a bright beam of energy. In stasis, you hope her condition won't worsen, even if it prevents her from getting better.

Now focusing on the only remaining conflict, you make the decision to give Frieghya a break, sending Erin after the rascally rabbit. The Aron turns his gaze inward, hardening his focus and the steel coating his body. Eyes blinking open with a dangerous gleam, Erin lowers his head, charging forward... only for the Buneary to whirl about in a mocking Encore. With his excellent hearing, he easily heard your new combat plans. As the rabbit's harsh clapping ends, Erin finds himself compelled to Harden his armor for the third time instead of carrying out the Headbutt, stumbling over as his eyes grow heavy. With Erin left wide open, the bunny dashes forward, unleashing a flurry of punches and kicks onto the iron armor Pokémon. Between Erin's thrice-hardened armor and natural typing, the attack doesn't do much damage, but it does help lessen the bunny's Frustration.

As this goes on, you rush to Frieghya, feeding her the remaining Sitrus Berry between your coddling. With a gulp, you see the Sitrus take effect, smoothing over the superficial damage across Frieghya's flank. She's still hurt pretty bad, but she's a tough Espeon and with the healing should last a bit longer. Thinking of healing... you make your request of Frieghya. Tired, but equally concerned about her friend, she agrees, slowly rising to her feet. Her forehead gem sparks to life, glowing brightly as the Espeon forms her Wish. Despite the sunny day, one lone shooting star streaks across the sky above you.

Satisfied as you can be, you turn to focus on your next priority. Kneeling by Annalise, you offer your help. Concentrated as she was, she failed to hear you approach. Blinking up at you in surprise, she begins to say, "Oh, I'm just seeing if I had anything useful for you. Without Parker, I don't have any Pokémon-"

She's cut off as you suddenly smack your forehead. Sending out your Woobat, Newt, you tell him to follow the van. He shakes himself out, glad to be free of the Pokeball, and nods, accepting your orders with a little salute. A slight breeze drifts by you as he flaps his wings, propelled up into the sky and after the van, which you see turn a corner at the end of its alley out of your sight. Unless you chase after it and hope against odds to catch up, it’s all up to Newt to find it, if Parker was even in the van to begin with.

As you muse this, you hear the faint pop of a teleport behind you. You whirl about, seeing that darn Abra one last time. Standing between the panting Buneary and Erin, struggling to right himself, the Abra looks right at you and extends one clawed hand in a particularly rude gesture. With his other hand, the Psychic-type grips the Buneary by the ear. Before teleporting again, he hesitates, tilting his head as if considering something. It is quickly apparent what he pondered, as a fierce grin overtakes the teleporter's face. Before you, Annalise, or Frieghya can react, the Abra reaches down to Erin. The Aron's eyes widen with realization, but he can only just manage to stand up when the clawed hand grips his neck. There's another pop of Teleport, and where there once stood three Pokémon contains only air. Understanding what just happened, Annalise lays a hand on your shoulder, sympathy showing on her face.

Things look bad. Erin and Newt are both gone, one by force and one by your command. If he's lucky, Newt might find the van and return, but until he does you're without him. Of those still with you, both Frieghya and Cassie are in rough shape, the latter still under the influence of poison. What's worse, without Newt you have no leads but for the van's description: a generic white thing likely owned by many people in the city. There was only one thing that stood out, the faint depiction of a Mr. Mime tickling the ivories...

What will you do? Will you pursue the van on foot? Will you try to heal your injuries and hope for Newt to prevail? Or will you take some other action? The decision is yours.

(Note: Frieghya does earn a level from what she did in the battle; I just couldn't find a spot to fit it in without faltering the flow of the update. Also, as mentioned, both Erin and Newt are currently unusable at this current moment.)

(Declared 4/6: Espeon, Aron, Herdier, Woobat)

Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Spoiler: show
Things were going well as Jim introduced himself and didn't seem to question Jayson's story too much. That was good, if he knew he was acting against McCoy's instructions he would have surely sent Jayson on his way. Logi although young and inexperienced proved more than capable once he put his cheekiness aside and applied himself to the task. His Heat Wave gently heated the rails to a more malleable state before Boudicca did her best to kick them into place. Jayson didn't expect her to succeed straight away, he knew she would struggle to apply the right amount of power but with Jim's somewhat low key instructions she got the job done.

As they finally got the track straightened up, Atalanta returned from her scouting duty and was sporting a worried look on her face. What could it be? Had she found another issue? Or worse, was McCoy on his way back and Atalanta was giving him a heads up? They had to get cleared by the main office at some point but if something happened that he could have prevented, he would a hard time forgiving himself. No, for now they had to continue making sure the yard was safe for use, if McCoy returned and lined him up for disobeying orders than he would let his deeds speak for him.

"Jim if Atalanta is this concerned than I think something is very wrong. We should follow her, my Pokemon can likely help resolve any issue but we will need your professional guidance."
TheKnightsFury: Possible scenarios shoot through your mind as you spy the troubled look of Atalanta. You worry that there's another issue, or that McCoy was already on his way back. The last would be particularly bad, especially if some other problem popped up you could have helped prevent. Debating with yourself, you eventually resolve to carry on. If McCoy does show up, you'll let your good actions speak for themselves. Besides, why ask permission when you can ask forgiveness?

Turning to Jim, you explain your worries about Atalanta's state. Proving that his reticence from earlier was not out of character, Jim quietly ponders your claim. The worker glances down at the tracks, then over to your Pokémon. As he did when Logi worked, his eyes flick up to you, homing in on the sword at your belt. Then, just as quickly, they flick over to Logi, leaning back against one of Boudicca's forelegs in rest. Coming to some kind of decision, he nods once, curtly. "Yeah, let's go check it out, kid. If it's what I'm thinking it might be, you'll be a welcome help."

Motioning you to lead the way, you look up to Atalanta, commanding her to show you what's troubled her. She immediately gives a nod, her unease not really lessening but also not increasing. At the least, you're reassured she's not leading you straight to McCoy. The Rowlet flies silently ahead of you, eye-level with you and slightly higher than for Jim. Together, the group of you begin making your way down the track at a brisk pace, heading towards the junction with the main line. Atalanta leads, with you and Jim following in silence. At your rear, Boudicca has scooped up Logi onto her back, following along at a gentle - thankfully not thunderous - trot.

It doesn't take long before you see what Atalanta had spotted. Shimmering in the sun, you see the movement of steel bodies surrounding another section of track. The crunch of metal on metal pierces through the air, harsh against your ears. Up ahead, four hustling Durant slowly, methodically, dismantle the track. You see the steel bent up in the same manner as the switch you left behind. As before, bitemarks are scattered along the metal, indentations suspiciously matching chunks of steel piled near where the Durant work.

At your side, Jim lets out a curse. "Dammit, it's what I thought. They are spreading down this way." Reaching down to his waist, the railyard worker pulls out a Pokeball, tossing it to reveal a small Swinub. "Quick, Gerrold, send a couple Mud Slaps their way. Scare 'em off!" Turning to look at you, he yells, showing more emotion than you'd seen from the man. "What are you waiting for kid? Help me get rid of these bastards!"

(Declared 3/6: Rowlet, Mudbray, Darumaka)
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