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Hi there.

I've never posted on one of these before, but I happened to drop in at the right time of year. I could write a lot, too much, but I'll try to keep it brief and not too rambling.

UPN was a part of my youth. It was the third forum I registered at (ask me how I know this ) in a time where I was really "paranoid" and hesitant to register for things or give out any information at all about myself. (After a suitable period of fearful lurking, I registered one day after stings!)

See, I fell in love with the animé. In those ancient days I just browsed the internet looking for any kind of engaging material, anything resembling entertainment. It may have been the web ring that brought me to the site, because dag yo, I actually looked at stuff like that in those ancient days.

There wasn't really much animé discussion at all, well besides shipping which I have little to say about. Mostly discussion of the games and of course those endless gym battles that I can't really say much about. So I mostly posted meaningless messages on general opinion threads.

As for the animé, it got old after a while, maybe it jump'd the shark, to say, Ash achieved his goals and so on and then in a great commercial tradition they sort of started all over again. So it was hard for me to appreciate the gravity of the story thereafter. Johto?

I never had a game boy. One year I meekly asked my dad for one as a Christmas present. I made a wish list with a disclaimer on it. It was pretty damn after the fact, years after the fact, but ah, in those days there were still a crowd of people waiting for me on ICQ. It feels like someone else's life now. Which it is.

Time passed. Lives changed. Also, my account got deleted over and over again. What is this, board 11? So there was that going on, that turbidity in the community. The people I knew drifted away. Chaos drifted pretty close to me, but then, after perhaps recieving indifferent silence from me for a time, return'd the favor. At one point I asked her why we couldn't talk on AIM/MSN anymore and she told me she posted all the pertinent information in her livejournal and there was no point in repeating it for me. I guess...
makes sense...

After a few years I registered at a forum dedicated to a game. Great game, by the way. I ended up working there through some strange twist of fate. It became my home forum, and I spent a few years there. The successor sites to UPN were rather inactive for my taste and increasingly on topics I had nothing to say about. The people, unfamilliar. Half of them left, the others changed their names

I used to use this all the time It made my comments so profound

I got kicked off of the game forum's staff. Not much of a personal life. I ended up distancing myself from a lot of computer game/entertainment stuff to focus on life, which sort of helped at least mentally if not in reality. So now I don't really have a home forum, haven't had one in years. It's a lonely existence, but I remember when I had "friends" and there was always a warm welcome...I don't pretend to understand why people liked me.

For instance, I got on the staff of the game forum because an existing staff member saw something in me. I can't imagine what he was thinking. I was present, but me?? I guess I was just a big fish in a small pond. But it wasn't a small site by any means. I'll never forget the time I spent there.

In conclusion I have pretty much nothing to do with this site now but since I have no life I look back to when I felt as if I did.

I demand recognition and bling for being old
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