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Ah, I was plagued too by the references problem back when I was looking for jobs. However I was able to dodge it as I never filled job forms, and on my CV I would simply write "references given upon request" (or something like that) and... out of all the applications and interviews I went through, I was never asked to give references ^^; Nowdays I still go through interviews time to time (not for a new job mind you, but for a new position/promotion within the company I currently work for) and they do ask for references, but it's more along the lines of "oh yeah, speak to *insert coworkers of equal or higher position here*, they know how well I work!" and there you go X)

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Yeah I know the feeling. Personally I went through all pretty good/ok interviews, but not all ended up getting the position/demand of filling it. My most disheartened situation is when I got through an interview for a becoming an intern as a web developper: it went extremely well, sure to have my internship there in my pocket, only to not getting any news from them since the interview.

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