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Sorry about the delays, mental illness combined with approaching finals make for a great timesuck. Good luck to you as well Kamen, and thanks Josh for reffing you cutie ;c


Glalitite: Attached to Titan (Glalie)
This item allows Glalie to Mega Evolve into Mega Glalie when held during battle.

Clan Ru: Male Tyranitar (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Move: Special Training - Distressing Darkness
Clan Ru constantly exudes an aura of fear and intimidation at all times, which breaks the Fighting spirit of any would-be attackers, causing all Fighting energy that approaches him to dissipate into typeless energy. This also means that all of Clan Ru's own Fighting attacks are considered typeless, and he's unable to use Focus Blast or Focus Punch at all. He also loses Hyper Beam, Thunder, Blizzard and Fire Blast.

Titan: Male Glalie
Glalitite Attached
Hidden Power: Fairy
Signature Move: Special Attack - Aura Fang (FT)
After charging his teeth with Fighting energy, Titan bites the target. In addition to dealing solid damage, the bite may also make the target drowsy or cause the target to flinch. Titan has also gained access to Thunder Fang and Fire Fang. He has the ability to use each of these fangs thrice per match.

Jedondan: Genderless Magnezone
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Move: Special Attack - Screw Shot (ST)
Jedondan creates many large, steel screws (about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide at the head) which have extremely sharp points. These 10 screws launch in whatever direction Jedondan chooses (regardless of which way it's facing), moving quickly towards the target, dealing up to heavy piercing damage for high energy. They also function similarly to Psybeam in that Jedondan has control over their course. In realistic, this attack can puncture the opponent and potentially embed themselves in the opponent as well, physical damage being up to the ref's discretion.

Vin: Genderless Lunatone
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Move: Special Training - Ebbs and Flows
Vin has gained access to the Ice moves Powder Snow and Freeze-Dry, the latter being preformed as if used by an Ice type. Being a lunar body, Vin has control over the tides and has also gained access to Surf. It has the energy for two uses of the move, which take no penalty to their power when used out of the water.

Pancake: Female Stunfisk
Hidden Power: Fire
Special Training - I Can Show You the World
Pancake now has a flight ceiling of 15 feet for her levitation. She is also able to move a bit faster through the air than others of her species. Pancake can no longer use the moves Magnet Rise or Eerie Impulse.

Tythonia: Female Banette
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Move: Special Technique - The Voodooisante's Zipper
Tythonia unzips her mouth, unleashing the horrors of the malicious energy within. This energy can then be used to either cloak herself or her opponent, with differing effects. When cloaking herself, Tythonia becomes much more violent and malign, which results in her receiving a boost similar to Geomancy, except boosting her Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. When cloaking her opponent, however, they become tormented by the essence of hatred exuding from the surrounding energy, completely disrupting the opponent and having a 75% chance of either making them flinch, confused, or be fully petrified by the potency of the energy, an effect similar to Tri Attack (rolling first for whether the status occurs and if it happens, then rolling for which status would occur). This technique makes Tythonia intimidating to the opponent she enveloped for the remainder of the match. This technique can only be used once per match and costs significant energy. Tythonia loses access to Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Trick, Natural Gift, Attract, and Return, the more powerful moves because she channels most of her powerful life energy needed for them into this attack, and the others due to the hatred that courses through her veins not allowing for gifts or friendly relations. She also becomes much more straightforward, thus why she's less Tricky.

Tythonia, let's begin.
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