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After putting it off for almost exactly one month, I finally went ahead and watched Episode 12, polishing off the series or, if they make a second season, the first season. The episode itself was fine in the first half though nothing particularly special; the second half would normally be expected to be the stronger of the two halves in this situation but sadly the resolution to the big finale was very underwhelming and left much to be desired. So much so was it underwhelming that I don't even really feel like talking about it more than this, and am ready to just write up the show's final scores. ^^;

Plot: 3/10 for the most part, but 6/10 or even 7/10 for a small bit from Episodes 9 through 11. This is a pretty brainless series with a pretty paper-thin plot. 3/10 might be too harsh, but 5/10's the nicest I could give it.

Characters: 5/10. Pretty average. Bad for being chauvinistic and shallow, good for being sexy and colorful, and otherwise genuinely neither good nor bad, just plain neutral. I guess my favorite characters were Asuka (design), Hibari (design), and Adult Rin (design). Haruka (design) and Yomi (design) aren't too far behind. Nobody really struck me as my favorite personality-wise, I guess. Which probably serves to illustrate the problem with these characters. In fact, maybe I really should downgrade this to a 4 ...

Animation: 6/10 overall, with 5/10 being its score for technical quality and 7/10 being its score for visual appeal (colors, eyecandy, etc).

Music: 5/10

Replay Value: probably pretty darn low.

OVERALL: 5/10, though that's mostly personal sentiment talking, I s'pose. I can easily respect scores of 4/10 or even 3/10 given for this series. 2/10 or lower though would strike me as too malicious. It's not that bad. And, like I said, it even really redeemed itself by quite a bit in Episode 9 and carried that through to Episode 11.

The low overall score might seem paradoxical given my early enthusiasm, but a) how you feel about something one, two, or even eight episodes in isn't necessarily the same as how you feel about it twelve episodes in, and b) sometimes you just feel like having a Big Mac for dinner. That's what Senran Kagura was. A guilty pleasure, a pretty crappy anime but one which had lots of tangy appeal here or there. TBH, with a better plot and a better animation studio and/or budget, the series could've had the potential to have been a 7/10 or 8/10 affair. Hell, I guess with a statement like "with a better plot" the sky's the limit and even a 10/10 couldn't have been ruled out. Senran Kagura was a lot of little bits o' fun throughout most of its run -- the only episodes that really bored me were Episode 8 (the flashback episode) and Episode 12 (the finale). Nothing in the series was what I'd call "deep fun" or deeply entertaining, but there were just a lot of little smiles and pleasures throughout. I really did quite love the color balance between the five main girls, and just the colors in general. Very pleasant to look at, and not just in the sexual sense of the phrase "eye candy" either. I dunno. Maybe I owe it to the show to bump it up to a 6/10 ... but I dunno, I feel like that would be a bit insulting to all of the series I rated 6/10. ^^; We'll see. For now, I'll rate it a 5/10 overall -- dead average. The truth behind that though is that Senran Kagura had some things it did 6+/10 well and other things it did 4-/10 poorly.
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