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I've delayed posting here long enough. Episode 09 was such a surprising upshoot in quality for this series that I felt compelled to roll out the red carpet for it (with tons of pictures and a lengthy post and everything). But then Episode 10 came ... and it too was excellent (for this series). And then Episode 11 came and I fell even further behind. And now we're here. When I go back to my apartment, perhaps I'll revisit these episodes in a summary post w/ detailed thoughts. Suffice to say for now though that I'm contemplating whether to upgrade the series, shameless fanservice show with a paper-thin plot though it was for the first eight episodes, to at least a "6/10 - Fair" rating.

Is this a series I'd recommend to anybody? Absolutely not unless you fit the original recommendation criteria. If you're a red-blooded man looking for boobs, boobs, and more boobs, or if you're a teenage boy looking for the same, then sure, check it out, because as far as fanservicey harem shoestring-budget animes go, this one is pretty decent. Unlike Sekirei, I didn't drop it midway. Unlike High School DxD, I wasn't offended by it. I think what really, really helps it out is the utter lack of a same-age male character in their midst. Everyone their age is female and that's all it takes to keep the series from devolving into yet another "harem of amazing catches aggregates around a total loser of a guy" harem anime.

But if you are interested, then would I maintain the recommendation? Sure, just so long as you realize going into it that it is a timewaster. Aside from the fanservice and occasional close-up shots of their faces, the animation is nothing terribly special. Neither is the music. Neither is the plot. The characters are passably interesting but they too aren't anything terribly special. I mean, the series really does deserve a "5/10 - Average" from me ... but I dunno, the last three episodes are making me debate whether it deserves the tiniest of upgrades.
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