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Episode 08 was a disappointing flashback episode. It was meant to establish a few things ... but we already knew all of these, so learning of their origins wasn't really all that rewarding at this stage. I'd much rather have had advancement of the main plot. There was some of that, but for the most part, it was a flashback episode.

Spoiler: show
First up were Ikaruga and Katsuragi. We got to see the girls' first few days at Hanzo Academy and how they became friendly rivals.

Second was Asuka. We got to see how she is one part klutz and another part "the legendary ninja's granddaughter". Specifically, we learned that she learned how to do her shinobi transformation as a 1st year and by instinct/accident, whereas Ikaruga and Katsuragi didn't learn how to do it until they were 2nd years and only after a lot of training.

Third were Yagyuu and Hibari. We got to see how Yagyuu was very antisocial originally ... and that was it. ^^; We didn't even get to see how she transitioned to her modern state. They just ... ended that flashback with her bonding with Hibari. Almost as if to say, "Yes, we realize that Yagyuu is still kind of a loner." But she at least gets along decently well with the others now! If you're going to show us that she was completely disrespectful towards Ikaruga in the past, you could've at least shown us what got her to change her mind about Ikaruga!

After the three flashback installments, we then got a fourth flashback ... which helped to advance the plot somewhat. We learned that Daidouji (the girl who dresses like Joestar #3) was Rin's kouhai and that Daidouji greatly, greatly admired Rin. We also learn that Daidouji swore that she would not graduate without first being able to land a hit on Rin. Because Rin "died" after that one mission, Daidouji postponed her graduation indefinitely -- she's pretty much long since been ready to graduate, but she's formally still enrolled at the Academy and will be until the day she can land a hit on Rin. Daidouji makes some sort of reference to this fact by alluding that her day of graduation may almost be here, something which heavily implies that both she and Kiriya-sensei are well aware that Rin Suzune isn't actually dead and that when they say she "died" they only mean it metaphorically speaking.

The fifth and final segment of the episode shows Yagyuu not babying Hibari like normal, Hibari mistaking that for Yagyuu being upset with her, and then while she's depressed and taking a shower all by herself falling under the hypnotic spell of the puppeteer, Haruka.

With only four or so episodes remaining, hopefully these final four episodes will be the series' strongest. I hate to say it but right now Senran Kangura is sitting squarely in "5/10 - Average" territory and that may be me being generous and showing some favoritism towards it. I can easily see a lot of people feeling it's "4/10 - Bad". If it's to have any shot of escaping 5/10 mediocrity, these final four episodes are going to have to be awesome.

EDIT: One last thing I forgot to mention: strangely, we returned to ED1 this week. The endings so far have been as follows:

Spoiler: show
  • Episode 1: ED1
  • Episode 2: ED1
  • Episode 3: ED1
  • Episode 4: ED2
  • Episode 5: ED2
  • Episode 6: ED2
  • Episode 7: ED3
  • Episode 8: ED1
Each ending has had its own animation (and all in the same style) and its own unique song. I wonder why they only used ED3 last week. I assumed we'd have it for at least Episodes 8 and 9 as well, if not for the remainder of the series. Instead we jumped back to ED1 this week. Very strange.

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