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Episode 07 was fine. Not much to say really.

Spoiler: show
One, they hard-confirmed what we already knew from previous soft-confirmations: that one of Hanzo Academy's former shining star pupils, Suzune Rin, fell to darkness and is now the teacher over at Snake Academy.

Two, they introduced a new supporting character ... whose name I've already forgotten. But she's some man-of-the-mountain ascetic warrior type and is apparently their senpai and something of a minor legend in their school.

Three, we learned that the puppeteer Haruka thinks herself powerful enough to try and blackmail her own teacher and turn her into one of her puppet-pawns. I'm looking forward to Rin putting Haruka in her place but I'll be just as intrigued should the plot not go in that direction and should it instead reveal that Haruka really is that frighteningly powerful of a dark ninja.

Four, it seems to be implied that the Snake Academy would be nothing without Suzune Rin. That all of the students' special abilities are apparently things that Rin invented or improved upon? *shrug*

Five, we learned that Asuka's mother was the ninja; her father was a lawyer who, in pursuit of Asuka's mother, hung up his lawyer suit and became a sushi chef. It seems to be implied that he might be dead? No idea. Regardless, Asuka's grandfather Hanzou is confirmed to be her mother's father (and not her father's father).

I really wish the show were more substantial. But I'm glad it's not as offensive as some other series in the genre. Glass half empty or glass half full, hard to pick.
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