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Episode 04 was fine. I think the magic spell has really worn off at this point, my huge initial infatuation with the franchise passed. But it's still par for the course as far as the most shameless of fanservice series go, so I'll stick with it. I haven't gotten to enjoy a fanservice series like this in a while, so it's fun for me at least for that if nothing else.

Regarding the mystery character introduced in Episode 04 ...

Spoilers from doujinshi. Spoils beyond Episode 04.
Spoiler: show
Pretty sure she's the purple-haired, glasses-wearing teacher of the Snake Academy. I figured, being fellow teachers, she'd have been a classmate of Kiriya's and his love interest. She may still be his love interest, but Episode 04 seems to indicate that she's a former student of his, not his equal and once fellow classmate.

As for Episode 04 stuff (safe to click if you've seen it):
Spoiler: show
lol @ Mirai (evil eyepatch girl)'s miniature jet fighter. Pretty cool!

Would like to see more and better fights, but it looks like this studio lacks and/or didn't hire the same combat coordinator staff that ufotable must've when making Fate/Zero. Gorgeous and physically accurate choreographed fight scenes these are not. *sigh* ^^;
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