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"That's quite a lot of refusal you've got there." The older girl was clearly quite surprised by haw many there were- just how many pokemon did this guy have, anyway? "The closest I get is a mawile that refuses to go anywhere near a mega stone!" Keith brought her attention to the bangle on his wrist, which looked very similar to the one her sister had started wearing. "Oh, Ami has one of those! Well, the crystal on hers is green rather than purple, but the general design's the same."

'A spikeball movin' about on land. Imagine that.' Butternut's voice had a tone of impressedness and disbelief in equal measure. 'Sounds like he 'ad quite a fan.'

Bell shook his head. 'It's more like additional preparation. Food tends to muddy up my water bubble without it, and I kinda like breathing...' He picked up a bundle and slipped it into the bubble in question. 'See, now it's waterproof!' He nibbled on the makeshift dumpling as the two visitors introduced themselves in two very different manners. 'I'm Bell. Nice to meet you!'

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"
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