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Round Seven - Must. Keep. Bonus.
Koi: With Vynolia taken down, I_D withdraws his level-up. In her place, he reveals Lili, a somewhat awkwardly female Lombre. Attacks and whatnot!

Koi: Lili comes out of the gate swinging, to say the least, with her first move. She inhales deeply and out of her mouth flies a Hydro Pump. Tita doesn't feel like sticking around for that torrent, though, and in a display of more Agility than speed, backs away once more to slip around the stream. This causes the water to all go to waste, but does manage to violently water the grass on the field.

Quark: Is it possible to violently water something?

Koi: As Lili finishes her technique, she quickly segways into the next, inhaling once more as Tita continues to scoot away. Upon exhalation, she releases a violent Blizzard. However, Tita evades the whipping winds and their frosty particles with her momentum, gracefully getting out of the way. Lili soon stops the gust, already looking a little drained right out of the ball.

At the end of the round...

Pupurin: Tita's energy use wasn't as bad as the last long-Agility, but she still used a nice chunk.

Pupurin: Lili used a lot of energy right off the bat and is already panting a bit.
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