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Round Four
Koi: Tita starts the round off by flying in for another attack, quickly lighting her first aflame. As she runs in, Vynolia tries to react with a flare of her vines, but with the small amount of distance between them, the fact that Tita is about twice her weight, and the vines being part of her body, this idea doesn't seem to be that great of one. Despite the tendrils that begin to wrap around Tita, the dragon still pushes through them for a somewhat glancing blow along Vynolia's face and a couple nearby vines. Vynolia cringes, helplessly releasing her grip from singeing pain. With that done, Tita distances herself a little, and her nearly aproportionate wings go to work again, whipping up an Air Cutter. The slicing mini-Razor Wind travels directly towards Vynolia, licking at her leaves and petals for some solid damage. The Venu is shoved back a bit, but manages to recover, looking a bit beaten. Shaking it off, she begins to charge her body with an Ancient Power and immediately charges Tita, who has little time to react. The dragon is bashed with the rocky attack, dealing a solid hit to her as well.

At the end of the round...

Pupurin: Tita took another nice hit, pushing closer to half. Energy use was fairly good and she's panting a pretty good deal.

Pupurin: Energy use was good for Vynolia, but health is more of a concern for her. She took two more hard hits, and is pushing near the ends of her health already, though she still has a bit of a ways to go.
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