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Round Three
Koi: Vynolia, after quite an exhausting previous round, takes it a bit easier with only one move, selecting Razor Wind as her single attack. Rotating her massive petals, she begins to whip up a slicing gale, which is directed straight at Tita. The dragon, however, pushes her way through the winds, and despite the little nicks developing all over her body, she manages to power her way right to her foe. The winds soon die, leaving Vynolia exposed to the gigantic red dragon in front of her. Tita wastes no time in releasing a searing Flamethrower, once again scorching the starter and further singeing her foliage. The flames soon die away as well, but it seems that Tita hasn't finished yet. Jumping back a bit, she releases an almost solid stream of flames, which, just before reaching Vynolia, splays out and crashes into the gigantic flower-toad-dinosaur. Vynolia is pushed back by the sheer force of the semi-solid flames, but shakily rises to her feet, looking torched, literally.

At the end of the round...

Pupurin: Very high energy use for Tita, but she's not panting all too hard, all things considered. She took a solid hit, but still holds a great lead.

Pupurin: Vynolia used moderate energy, but her health took a huge dip well under the half-way. Another round like that may push her to her limits, if not KO her.
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