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Show me you can overcome your weaknesses, and the gym is yours. I won't hold back in the slightest.
Level 5s

Squirtle: Male Blastoise
Bio: Indisputably, the best Blastoise ever. Squirtle has a history comprable to that of any pokemon in the league, the lazy, loud, and proud terrapin has been included in Muyo's team for every match he's had, with the exception of one, when Tenchi took his place temporarily. Half of the team of utter obliteration with Tenchi, his love slave, who completely obliterated all 6 of ZoraJolteon's squad in their 6 on 6, yet him succumbing to the temptations of Stlbk's Charmeleon, Kuno, cost Muyo a certain victory over his only real rival. Muyo has been working hard to instill a competitive desire in his favorite pokemon, with marginal success. Squirtle is well famed for winning sleeping contests against Seanlax, as well as dozing off at a moments notice when Muyo gets distracted. In battles however, Squirtle is still the backbone of every successful team, and his sleep beforehand always pays off
Special training: Well Rested
As Squirtle spends up to 23 hours of his day asleep, during the relatively short times he's awake, he's able to make use of an energy reserve that most pokemon make use of during the entire day. As a result, Squirtle has about 15% more energy than a standard Blastoise woud have.

Ishinabe: Male Lucario
Ishinabe is a shiny green Lucario, with a penchant for peppers. Being a member of team Iron Chef, Ishinabe considers himself the most versatile member able to handle himself no matter what sort of theme the opponent may try out.
Special Training: Serving Your Ass to You on a Wagon (Fighting)
Feeling a particular kinship with chefs of his own typing, Ishinabe has worked hard in order to soften the stiffness of his full body to fight chefs of both of his types more evenly. As a result of this slight softening, fighting type moves now do regular damage, as opposed to 200%, but steel moves now also do regular damage as well, as opposed to 50%.

Michiba: Genderless Metagross
Michiba is the most venerable and wisest of the Steel Pokémon contingent, and is considered to be the strongest of team Iron Chef.
Special Attack: Broth of Vigor (Psychic)
Never one to perform in a traditional fashion, Michiba focuses on the purest form of his discipline, Psychic energy. Seeking to invigorate his old carapace to continue the battle, Michiba uses a refined form of Giga Drain to directly assault the psychic energy of the foe. Broth of vigor drains health and energy from the opponent based only on the amount of Psychic energy they have, ignoring all types, resistances and immunites. Types with more Psychic energy (Psychics and Ghosts, or Pokémon with multiple Psychic moves) feel the drain at a level of a Giga Drain or higher, while those with fewer Psychic moves take as much as a Mega Drain, and those with none take only an absorb's worth. Michiba can use Broth of Vigor four times a match, but no more than two times on any one opposing Pokémon

Sakai: Male Scizor
No Signature Move

Seanlax: Male Snorlax
No Signature Move

Tita: Level 6 Female Dragonite
Tita is one of the older remaining members of the ASB, but much older than even that indicates. Tita is the reincarnated form of an angel who was removed from heaven when Arceus, the God of Pokémon, seized the heavens. Confused at her reincarnation in the form of a Dratini, Tita slumbered for ages in a secluded pond, far away from the developing civilizations of men. When she awoke once again, her memories of her former life had faded away, and she began to explore the thoroughly different world which surrounded her... until her capture. Despite having no memory of her previous days, she has a divine inner fire which burns constantly, turning her scales a dark red as a mark of her former divinity.
Special Training: Type Change (Fire)
Tita has the extra type Fire added to it due to reasons specified in the unusual characteristics section.
With the constant heat of her heart pulsing throughout her form, Tita has the additional type of Fire and all of the weaknesses and resistances that lie therein. As a result she has knowledge of the moves Overheat, Lava Plume, and Will-O-Wisp and her fire moves have an additional 10% chance to burn the opponent. However, the fire within has enveloped over her Ice Energy, leaving her unable to use Icy Wind, Blizzard, Mist, Hail and Ice Beam

Tita, burn the world to the ground.
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