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I hope you enjoy the show, Muyo!

Vynolia: Level 6 Female Venusaur
My faithful companion, Vynolia has always been by my side. I found Vynolia when she was the leader of a humble group of Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. The group was rather remote and lived in a place of paradise. Their version of paradise had multitudes of flowers covering every square inch of the ground. The flowers had so many petals, it was impossible to distinguish one from another. As a result, Vynolia has six times as many petals on her back than normal.
Special Attack: Haton, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (Grass)
Vynolia can use the petals on her back by taking about four at a time and splitting them into hundreds of pieces. Each piece has very sharp edges, akin to a small knife. The tiny knives begin to spin and are spread all around the arena. Then, they are concentrated on the opponent. This attack deals damage equivalent to 2x Leaf Storm and takes energy equivalent to 2.5x Leaf Storm to execute.

Fayeli: Level 5 Female Leafeon
Fayeli, as you may have guessed, loves leaves. In addition, when she joined the team on one sun afternoon, she fell in love with the idea of being a Ninja, like the rest of the team. She spends most of his days trying to be like a Ninja, and especially loves creating shuriken out of leaves. She got so good at doing this she can now make many, many copies of these leaves with her energy.
Special Attack: Haton, Kage Bunshin Shuriken (Grass)
Fayeli shapes her energy into leaves that look like Ninja shuriken which are small in size and all deal equal damage. The difference in the attack is that she multiplies all the leaves, so that there are about 500 leaves on the field, only around 100 of which are real, but all are solid enough to do actual damage. If the non-real leaves are hit before they explode on their intended target, they disappear. The leaves hit from every direction. The total damage of the attack is equivalent to 2x Swift and takes the energy of a Swift and a Double Team. Each leaf is so sharp it makes small cuts all over the body of the opponent when they hit.

Lili: Level 5 Shiny Female Lombre
Lili hated where she lived. The reason for this was that it never rained. Of course, this was especially an issue for her since she likes to have water around all the time. She began trying to overcome this issue with a daily use of Surf in order to create some water around where she lived. But soon found out that in the summer, the water dried up too fast. Instead, she tried to combine two Surf attacks. What happened was a rather different result.
Special Attack: Suiton, Suiryuudan (Water)
Lili lets out a stream of water similar to that in Surf, but the water spins very rapidly in a more Twister-like movement. The beauty of this attack is that Lili gives this torrent of water a dragon-like head that is extremely menacing. The combination means that a volume of water equal to 2 Surf attacks is created and the dragon face is so menacing that the opponent has a 10% chance of flinching. The attack takes energy equal to 2x Surf and a Scary Face and deals 2x Surf in damage.

Thorn: Level 5 Male Grotle
I found Thorn in a very dense forest of very tall trees. He had spent most of his life in this forest, learning and understanding how the wood grows so tall, straight and solid. Funnily enough, when I met him, he was so shy and scared that he set up a shield of some sort that was very odd in appearance. I eventually coaxed him into coming along with the party and we learned to use his shield in battle.
Special Defence: Mokuton, Mokujou Heki (Grass)
Thorn spends energy to have wood grow out of the ground in front of him, that grows a sort-of cave-like appearance, covering all directions of attack, except directly behind him. The attack takes a very short amount of time to setup, thus he spends the energy for Agility and Protect for the defence. The setup is permanent on the field until destroyed, and cannot be moved since it is rooted in the ground. The wood is extremely strong and thick, however one Flamethrower in one spot will burn a hole through it. Otherwise, it takes a strong attack to destroy a part of it, and two to destroy all of it. Ice-type attacks are ‘super-effective’ against it, making so brittle that a Tackle will destroy the entire thing. A Blizzard can destroy it in one go. Thorn can only setup two of these structures at the one time. It counts as a two-move combo.

Liz: Level 5 Shiny Female Grovyle
Liz has spent her entire life living with trees, and just loves jumping around in trees. She enjoys them so much, whenever she is in a tree-filled arena, she will never set foot on the ground and always attacks from the trees. If she needs to come close to attack, she jumps out from the trees, attacks, and jumps straight back into the trees immediately afterwards. Once, while training, I forced her to stay on the ground. And she got so angry, she set about making my life hell by attacking me with such a fierce attack.
Special Defence: Haton, Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou (Grass)
Liz stands in one spot and waits for her opponent to come close before disappearing from sight. She beats up all over her opponent and every attack has the power of the Grass-type behind them. The move deals the damage of a Leaf Storm and takes 1.5x the energy. It may only be used 3 times per match.

Taipé: Level 5 Male Breloom
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