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Tate had spent weeks studying the local systems. Watching the numbers of non-native species rise. Planning the clandestine meeting that would bring the team together to put a stop to... what, exactly? Up until last night, the bird keeper hadn't the faintest idea what was going on, exactly; only that it was bad news. Now, Tate stood in front of the glittering casino, gaudy and garish, armed with the knowledge of what was happening and the resolve to put a stop to it. Kai stood by her master, with similar determination; shitholes like this were run by scumbags, full stop. There was no redemption for the kind of people who fed off the addictions of others and dealt in shady business, trading lives for money and getting rich off of broken dreams. How many men had gambled away their savings? How many children had gone hungry? How many Pokémon had been reduced to trinkets? Roll up, roll up! Everything for the right price. Tate spit on the ground.

In a floral shirt and salmon-colored cargo shorts, the trainer looked just like another tourist. With a Vaporeon on hand, one might think Tate were a big spender; after all, many people get a Pokémon like Kai not with hard work but with deep pockets. Trying hard to play it cool, the pair walked through the doors of the casino and into the lobby. The guards on duty were duly intimidating but what put Tate immediately on edge were all the people; hundreds of them, milling about, their voices a low roar in the crowded lobby. It immediately set off the Johto native's anxiety. They were here to scope out the place, and get a feel for it so that they -- the whole gang which Tate had brought together the night before -- could return that night to raid it. Tate wasn't confident in the ability to slog through this crowd of people, however, chest tight and thoughts racing.

"I... forgot my wallet," Tate said aloud, suddenly, looking to Kai. Feigning an exasperated sigh, the trainer turned back towards the doors, and jammed both hands into the pockets of the brightly colored cargo shorts which defined the flamboyant outfit for which the trainer was known, and headed back outside. Once out of earshot of anyone who might not appreciate their plans, Tate gave Kai an apologetic look.

"We'll just... see what they have going on out here," the trainer reasoned. "Maybe we'll find some kind of duct system, or cargo vehicles, or... I don't know. I just couldn't be in there. I wouldn't have been any good."

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