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Le Cimetičre des Cœurs Oublié


You decide against reading the letter; it simply isn't your business. The affairs of a dead man are a burden you are unwilling to carry with you in this lifetime, tempting though the curious coincidence -- or lack thereof -- is. Besides, to see Iskra so taken with the teru teru bozu is rather endearing. You retrieve your phone and snap a photo of her antics for posterity; it flashes a light once to illuminate the scene and then mimics the clicking of a shutter to indicate the photograph was successfully captured, but when the application pulls the image up on the screen for you to review, something is gravely wrong: there is no teru teru bozu. In fact there is no Iskra. There is only the tree, and the cemetery. Some of the structures which are clearly present around you are missing in the photo as well. Bushes and trees stand in their place, as if they hadn't yet been built. The entire scene is blanketed in a thick layer of snow.

Iskra is still circling the teru teru bozu. You look up at her, her fascination with the object still unclear, when something large and wet and very cold strikes your cheek. You wipe it off with two fingers to find the melting remnant of a snowflake; they've begun falling all around you. It's not winter; such weather is bizarre, and well outside the forecast. With each passing second, the snowfall grows heavier and heavier, a rapid chill creeping into the air around you. Iskra cackles with delight, her body colliding playfully with the teru teru bozu; it appears to have grown larger, nearly her size now.

What will you do?

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