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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
[SIZE="1"]Kawaii: After your Pokemon had spotted the thief, you went into full fight or flight mode. Although your Pokemon had been mildly disobedient before, they jumped to your side upon being summoned. Your Seedot --- Tengu, on the other hand, simply remained in your arms and gave an eerie sigh. Even a stranger could tell that something was most certainly off with the creature, but almost no one could give a reason for it's aliment. You ordered your Pokemon to be on guard, although you had no idea what this attempted thief was at the moment, you knew for certain that thieves were indeed not very good people or Pokemon.

You continued trekking through the swamp, a little more cautiously than you had been before. Thoughts swirled through your mind as to what this Pokemon could be, you knew for certain that various poison, grass, and bug Pokemon called this place their home. However, none of the Pokemon that flickered into your mind fit the description of a theoretical thief. Part of you assumed that it might be a Scraggy, however, the more you thought about it... the more foolish the thought seemed. You brushed it away, glancing down at the Seedot in your arms. You knew that even though life flared inside the acorn Pokemon, it was seemingly empty and dull. You prayed to yourself that one day he may be able to become a strong member, grow up and be able to actually move and walk on his own. The thought of this even fuelled the small Seedot, he had high hopes that maybe in this blessed place he may be able to be filled with life through Celebi.

As you progressed through the blessed swamp, every small noise had you on edge. You were frightened of whatever lurked in the shadows, that thief could be anywhere you looked, he could be sneaking up on you right now.. That thought made your hair stand on edge, you turned around quickly, only to observe nothing. You knew your nerves were getting the better of you, you had to remain calm in order to not put the rest of your team on edge. Your Senret puffed out her chest, ready to defend you, Tengu, and Oisin if worse came to worse. You smiled at the thought, it was admirable to see such bravery from her. Your walk continued at a brisk pace, until you heard something from behind you.


It was a strange laugh, the only other noise you could hear in this odd swamp. You turned quickly, finally getting a look at your tormentor. It was a hunched over frog of some sort, blue skin and puffed out cheeks. It laughed once again, glancing at the Seedot in your hands. It's yellow eyes seemed to look through you, it knew you were in this sacred swamp and it wanted to know why. It took a step forward, forcing you to take a step back. You were terrified, you knew the Pokemon in front of you could inject poison into you by simply jabbing at you. Those puffy cheeks held all sorts of horrible poison. It looked at you again, taking a running start towards you. You let out a scream, closing your eyes and readying yourself for impact, but nothing came. You opened your eyes quickly, seeing the Pokemon was gone... and Tengu was also missing! When it charged you it must've grabbed him and ran off.

You had to find him! He was probably terrified of that Pokemon... what do you do?

Kawaii closed her eyes and listened hard. She faintly heard the soft cries of her precious seedot. She imeadiatly took off in the direction of the sound. Her seedot was too important. Her heart was in her throat and her feet thudded along the grassy swamp as she weaved and raced through the trees desperate to reach that theif. Something blossomed in the back of her mind. Maybe the frog like pokemon was trying to help. This didn't exactly stop her, instead it quickened her pace. If this Crogunk had good intentions then maybe it was even worth a spot on her team. That idea thrilled her and she pushed herself hard. Her two other pokemon dashed along side her. Oisín's long legs caried him just as far just as fast with little energy. DTM, meanwhile jumped between trees. This technique let her span long distances in short amounts of time. The two pokemon were all of a sudden serious about the situation. A fellow team-mate getting stolen was very concerning. DTM was not very high leveled but was going to kick the frog-pokemon's butt if it hurt Tengu in any way. The sentret was very close to the little acorn and was helping him regain life as best she could. In fact, the whole team had been pitching in where they could. Oisín had made little glasses that looked like eyes for the seedot. DTM had been picking berries that Tengu liked. Every single effort had made a small flicker in the eyes of the soul-less pokemon.

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