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The place known as ‘where the mangroves gather’ was dreary and foreboding. You could see why it was ill-advised for anyone but strong trainers to come to this place. Only the most seasoned of adventurers would be able to navigate murky depths such as these.

Shuri darted between mangroves, scouting up ahead, and sometimes disappearing briefly before returning to your side and doubling back around. The sounds of Murkrow and Honchkrow could be heard cawing mischievously in the distance, surely seeking to draw out any easy prey for a late afternoon snack. Occasionally, what appeared to be burrows could be seen underneath deep-rooted mangroves, possibly once housing Sevipers or Ekans - maybe even some Stunky.

You continued to walk forward, deeper into the swampland, occasionally wading into thick knee-high water, hoping to find the sort of Pokemon life this area played host to and to get the chance to study the species who lived here, thriving in their natural habitats.

You began to zone in and out a bit from the backwater trek, when suddenly Shuri appeared in front of you full stop, trying to get your attention - and it worked. The Ninjask zoomed backward, its eyes still fixated on you, hesitating momentarily between a few decaying mangroves. You slowly made your way through the overgrowth of the swampland and over to the treeline where Shuri was waiting, only to see exactly what she had found: A man, laying atop a small pile of broken branches and a mound of mud, unconscious and barely breathing.
The terrain was less than pleasing to say the least, as Gary waded through some of the murky waters. The trail was hardly cleared and he had to make sure he didn’t trip on any mangrove roots. In the distance Gary could hear the menacing caws of Murkrow and Honchkrow, a foreboding sign. Shuri darted about to and fro, scouting the path ahead the best she could, the Ninjask being Gary’s only true source of knowing where exactly he was going.

“The things I do for knowledge…” Gary mumbled to himself, wondering if this time he had gone too far in his attempt to study new marine ecosystems. Racking his mind about what kind of species live in these mangroves filled his head as he aimlessly plowed forward, using Shuri as his guidance system. It wasn’t until he nearly bumped into the hovering cicada Pokemon that he realized Shuri was trying to get his attention. She buzzed around a few times before slowly leading Gary ahead to something she had found.

Once Gary had caught up, he found what Shuri was trying to lead him to; a man who was unconscious, covered in mud, and barely breathing. “Oh my Arceus!” Gary exclaimed, running up to the man. “Sir! Are you alright? Please wake up!” He nudged the man, hoping to rouse him into consciousness. This was a terrible place to administer first aid, if it was necessary. The best thing in Gary’s mind was to possibly try to airlift the man out on his Tropius, but hopefully it didn’t come to that. He waited to see if the man would wake first.
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