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Le Cimetière des Cœurs Oublié
They call it the Graveyard of Forgotten Hearts, and very few dare to visit it these days. A few miles outside of the city proper, it was once the place where most of the citizens of Marais Noir interred their dead -- until the tragedy. One night two young lovers stuck into the cemetery and -- burdened by the knowledge that their feuding families would never give blessing to their union -- hung themselves in the branches of the largest tree on the grounds. Now abandoned and derelict, it serves as little more than a horrible reminder to the people who call Marais Noir home. The gates stand unlocked and the graves, all of them above ground in family mausoleums, are mostly unkempt and abandoned. Ghost type Pokémon are drawn to the despair which permeates these grounds, and some even say the heartbroken couple still wanders, looking for the peace never afforded to them in life. Please reply in DarkRed.

Athena walking towards the Graveyard was likely an odd sight to onlookers. The brightly dressed girl, practically skipping along with her partner Pokemon, clashed heavily with the melancholy of Marais Noir. Athena, however, was completely oblivious to being out of place here. She had picked this Zone to travel in as she felt familiar with the Kalosian name. Upon reading about the area, she took note of the Graveyard and the story behind it. Always a romantic, her heart was moved for the young couple. She had cried when they met their untimely end. Her Mawile, Eclair, had just rolled her eyes, knowing her trainer could be pretty dramatic. Eclair was just looking forward to an actual adventure, maybe getting the chance to participate in an exciting battle and level up a bit.

As the two approached the gates of Le Cimetière des Cœurs Oublié, the smile faded from Athena's face a bit. She was more than ready to encounter Ghost Types. After all, they were just Pokemon, and could be defeated or even caught if she ran into trouble with one. The actual graveyard was not what her romantic mind had imagined. The statues adorning the many mausoleums were crumbling, and it didn't look like any of the flowers were fresh, either. She clutched at the bouquet of white roses and cypress she had brought to lay at the gravesite of the couple. Now, she wondered, if she was even able to make it to the gravesite at all.

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