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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
Kawaii: A swamp. Usually the name implies something murky or disgusting lurking below it's depths. However, you're determined on this day. The locals don't seem to fear this swamp, beyond bringing gifts and other such offerings for Celebi in order to bring themselves good tidings and blessings. You feel calm in the swamp, you can't tell if it's just the beauty of nature or perhaps something a little bit more interesting... such as the blessing of the time-travel Pokemon.

Now your Pokemon --- well they don't really seem interested in the scenery, besides your broken and hollow Seedot, who sticks particularly close to you. Your Deerling and Senret however, are running rampant all throughout the dense foliage. You, being a concerned trainer, shout for them to stop. This certainly isn't the place for tomfoolery, someone could trip on a gnarled root and get hurt. That certainly wouldn't do if you wanted your little darlings in fighting form. Besides, the swamp itself seemed rather quiet besides the chatter of your Pokemon. It was almost eerie in a way, as the silence seemed to echo louder with every move you made.

Your Senret, dubbed DTM, was the first to scamper back. She puffed out her chest, shrugging with contempt after being scolded by her trainer. It was obvious that she really wasn't listening and would much rather have a good time running through the trees. Your Deerling was the next to return, trotting over with a smug smirk resting upon his face. DMT looked less than impressed, picking a fight with the small deer Pokemon, raising her voice as he approached. At this point, you feel rather upset, you wished the two would just stop their bickering and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Well, if they weren't going to stop, there was an easy quick fix. You readied both of their Pokeballs only to observe that the two had seemingly made up without your influence. You were, of course surprised. Maybe they sensed your disdain? Or maybe, just maybe they were influenced by the forest guardian.

Your visit today wasn't exactly the most typical. You had no gifts for the guardian, however you were searching for answers. You were extremely interested in folklore and legend, and you thought that maybe someone might be able to tell you why your Seedot was the way it was. It was a small glimmer of hope in learning the small creature's past, but you hoped that if you could meet the forest guardian it may enlighten you.

Deep in thought, you barely notice the creature reaching into your bag. Your Senret notices it first, giving a shriek of dismay to which your attention is immediately drawn. You don't exactly get a good look at the bandit, certainly not enough to give a proper police sketch if prompted. Your Senret tugs on your pants, pointing in the direction that the bandit had run off in. You know one thing for sure... and that is that judging by the footprints, this thing was no man... but rather, some sort of Pokemon! Your Senret seems intent to follow the culprit of this attempted robbery... what do you do?

Kawaii snapped into trainer mode as DTM squeeled and pointed after a thief that had dissapeared before it could steal anything. She ordered her pokemon to her side and they jumped to attention, except for her seedot named Tengu who sighed eerily in her hand. "Okay everyone, be on gaurd. We don't know what kind of pokemon we are dealing with yet." As they catuiously walked forward the pinkette mused over what kind of pokemon could be found here. It was a swamp so mostly poison, grass or water types. She had no idea what they could be facing. Her first thought was a Scraggy but she had no clue as to why she thought that.
Tengu sat Idly in his owner's hand. Inside a flicker of life flared. Though he may never truly have what he was supposed to be alive inside him. He may still grow up to be a strong and powerful pokemon. This thought floated around inside his body before hooking on and fueling more sparks of life and he actually moved a bit. The only other time this had happened is when he had first come out of his pokeball at a bar. That time he had been able to find his true name and that had given him the power to move, but for only a moment. Maybe here in this blessed place he would find the power to move perminatly. He could certainly feel the energy of Celebi stirring his empty body back to life.

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