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Status update, from what I can gather from the Reddit portal:
  • The team lost two or more PokéDolls to battles in the grass east of Celadon. (I witnessed two of these myself.)
  • The team struggled to get inside the Saffron City gate near Celadon.
  • They made it in ...
  • ... but morons, trolls, or both led Red right back out again, before giving the guard the water.
  • And took him all the way back to Lavender Town.
  • Morons, trolls, or both are saying that they ought to complete the Lavender Town tower before worrying about Saffron's gate guard. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...
  • The creator of the channel stepped in once again and this time he wholly disabled Start. Not just limited it: he full on put a stop to it.
    • This has pissed off some who feel his interference renders the social experiment moot.
    • But it has pleased many others who are grateful to not have to worry about trolls sabotaging the run by tossing the one remaining bottle of water in Red's inventory.
  • Because Start has been disabled, Eevee cannot be evolved. This has pissed off the Eevee fanatics who, in their blind fanaticism, want to see Start re-enabled not for the sake of the run itself but for the sake of their precious Eevee.
  • There are no PokéDolls remaining in the inventory. (Not sure if the third one was used in battle or tossed.) Consequently, they will have to get the Silph Scope before they can tackle the tower in Lavender Town.
To be honest, banning Start pretty much guaranteed that they won't lose the water before they make it back to the guard (the trolls' only avenue now is to access Items from the battle menu and try to give the water to an injured Pokémon), so in a very real sense, the moderator's decision to play God determined the outcome of this run, transforming a hugely insurmountable hurdle into dust in the wind. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing depends on your point of view.

EDIT: Awwww man! I looked away and what do you know -- they made it to the gate, talked to the guard, *and* gave him the bottle of water! Amazing! They're in Saffron City even as we speak.

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