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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
That's certainly possible, though I would question how they could have messed it up for a Gen 3 title and not the previous two generations as well. Seems odd to get Gens 1a, 1b, 2a, and 2b right but to mess up Gen 3a. I have no idea whether you're allowed to release HM whores in Gen 1 or not. I never tried. Even if you can release some of them, I don't know if the game stops you when you try to release the last one.

Let's see ... other situations that could be impossible to get out of ...

Theoretically, if they were to fight every single trainer that be accessed before entering Saffron City and advancing the game, they would have no means of earning revenue outside of Pay Day -- and that's only if they're playing Pokémon Blue and have access to Meowth. If they're playing Pokémon Red, I believe they would be completely locked out of making more money at that point. So like ... if you could troll the players by taking them on a circuit from Celadon to Cycling Road to Fuchsia City to the seaside route on the east back on up to Lavender Town, and along the way you diligently fight each and every single trainer ... and then if you could troll the players by depleting their funds on garbage at Poké Marts or the Celadon Department Store, then I'm pretty sure they'd be screwed. Without money to buy beverages, and with no NPCs who give away free beverages, you wouldn't be able to advance the plot. Again, though, this is a pretty radical scenario that is hard to imagine coming up in this run, much less during normal gameplay. You'd really have to work hard to make something like this happen.
It was an NPC on an island that trades with you. It wants a water type and if its your surfer, then you cant leave. You have to trade it at level 100 so it doesnt evolve and cant learn surf. I forget. I read it on bulbapedia. Go check it out there haha.
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