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Originally Posted by Holy Empress View Post
You can't toss HMs or important stuff. TMs are tossable.

Of course I'm salty I've been watching for a few days nonstop and now some idiots come in and try to mess up the run.
I just saw one person write, "EVOLVE EVEE [sic] AND GET OUT". With players like this, who needs trolls? These morons don't understand that the game cannot be advanced without a beverage and that beverages are only sold on the Celadon Department Store rooftop in Gen 1. Unless the players who strongly care about this thing succeeding make a coordinated effort to educate the well-meaning idiots on the channel, the run is pretty much doomed to failure. What has to happen is:
  1. Purchase seven or more drinks.
  2. Make an immediate beeline for the Saffron City gate closest to Celadon.
  3. Along the way, inevitably lose many drinks to trolls tossing them.
  4. But make it to the guard ...
  6. And then, only then, can you go back to the Department Store and play Russian roulette with your remaining funds.
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