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So basically I'm gonna do every Dragon, regardless of whether they've been done. I'll then scan back and add in a few things people haven't covered in a second post. It is a sin that the mighty Sunflora is not on these lists (even if I did laugh a lot that someone thinks Umbreon is good; it really, truly isn't).

Caveat: I know almost nothing about Mega Evolution so I've not included Charizard X and Mega Garchomp or anything else. Also, I'm deeply bitter and cynical about everything so maybe I'm overly harsh, but I put a lot of weight on simply being a Dragon type as a plus. I'm open to counter arguments on these.



Flygon: arguably more usable than Dragonite. One less weakness, true immunity and a better offensive STAB. It gets near the same level of support ability, trading reliable paralysis, some nice Gen I defensive moves and the ability to swim for desert warfare, access to Giga Drain and a plethora of ways to SE Psychic and/or Ghost/Dark types which Dragonite doesn't really have as much of as you'd like, though it does also lack some of the more common offensive types that Dragonite has. It gets Bide and a decent offensive pool to work with though. It can definitely score 1-2 KOs against basically any pokémon in the game but its truest advantage over Dragonite is that it can U Turn the hell out of there, build energy and score another KO.


Altaria (A+): So this is much better than C. It's a Dragon with reliable shutdown and a fairly good offensive movepool with the ability to boost some of it. Strange support options make it more durable than Dragonite. Also it gets Moonblast when Umbreon doesn't because fuck you, Gamefreak.

Dragonair: Essentially a slow Dragonite with no arms and holes in its offensive movepool, but you get to play with serpentine physics and don't have to worry as much about Ice.

Goodra: To Dragonair what Lickilicky is to Snorlax. Good offensive movepool, its anatomy makes up for shallow support, gets some Gen I level stuff. It's pretty simple to use, there's not a lot you can vary on.

Druddigon: A Dragon that can rip Fairies apart is always good. It has a strange but very good movepool, a bit of boosting option at both ends and a decent enough SC to utilise. Some fun Dark moves are thrown in there to let it disrupt foes. Definitely the best fully evolved pure Dragon.

Salamence (A-): I'd argue this is basically a cross between Dragonite and Haxorus. It's physically capable and has good STAB plus off type, decent enough boosts and a bit of support. I'll happily KO at least one foe with this even without entry-Intimidate.

Garchomp (A-): We give it a bad rep but being worse than Flygon isn't a reason to discount it. It's physically capable, can do flight and sort of swimming and has a couple of boosting options to supplement its coverage. Again, Dragon and Ground is a great offensive combo and it gets all the stuff you need to exploit that. Also I have the advantage of knowing what its sick new SC looks like.

Hydreigon (A-): So this was never that good but uniqueness and looking awesome helped it gain a reputation. Then Fairies happened. It's still reliably going to kill at least one thing, its offensive movepool is good and it has a great ranged game for a later Dragon. It can't really deal with stuff like Clefable, but it does get U Turn for some reason which allows it to flee like a three headed girl.


Kingdra: Simply by virtue of that type combination it's worth using, but it's shallow (lololol) and fairly predictable. In no way is it unkillable despite packing a number of 4x resistances.

Noivern: Altaria trimmed down. Physically capable but that's about it. Flight does help and it has good offensive coverage.

Dragalge (B-): For my purposes it's basically an ugly Fairy killer but it's really just an offensively orientated Poison type with little support. Steel types will wall it even if they take that single Focus Blast it's packing.


Tyrantrum: Basically a Rock type that can't use a lot of the cool defensive stuff but can spam Dragon Tail all day. It's very predictably set up and can't really deal with a lot of its weaknesses, which are many, but it's got the offensive potential to rip holes in a fair amount of the metagame.

Haxorus (C-: It's really not that good, but if you're prepared for your orders to involve the phrase "use your axes" every round then you can probably kill anything that doesn't resist Dragon.
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