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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Scald still does better damage because of Water Bubble.
Its attack is higher than its special attack. As for band and stuff, I generally like more versitile sets. Leech Life is SE against stuff that might resist water. Plus sometimes the element of surprise can win things.

Originally Posted by Schala View Post
I can't wait to see the hilarious things people pull off in doubles. People were running damage calcs swapping Water Bubble to Kyogre in the discovery thread, for example. Araquanid also gets Power Split if you want to do a defensive spread and then buff the Attack off of an opponent's physical sweeper. And they nerfed Gale Wing Talonflame hard this gen! It is a good gen for bugs!

Classic Gamefreak, I suppose. This isn't the first time they've left things out of descriptions, though it might be the biggest hidden buff ever.
What happened to Gale Wing? I heard all the -ite abilities (Pixilate, etc) got reduced damage boosts. Part of why I like Araquanid is potential Doubles craziness. I'm pumped. I wanna use one on either a singles or doubles team so bad.
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