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Alright, I'm on the third island. Team's looking pretty decent, here it is thus far;

Golisopod (male) lv. 33 @Waterium Z
Bashful nature
Emergency Exit
~Leech Life
~First Impression
~Sucker Punch

Salazzle (female) lv. 33 @Firium Z
Relaxed nature
~Flame Burst
~Dragon Rage
~Nasty Plot

Mareanie (female) lv. 33 @Waterium Z
Calm nature

Midnight Lycanroc (male) lv. 33 @Rockium Z
Bashful nature
Vital Spirit
~Rock Tomb
~Brick Break
~Rock Polish

Incineroar (male) lv. 35 @Firium Z
Adamant nature
~Fire Fang
~Darkest Lariat
~Leech Life
~Bulk Up

My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.
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