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Pikachu Sun & Moon Playthroughs

The games are out! Hurray! Feel free to use this thread to talk about your progress and your team and other stuff about the game. However you should probably put plot spoilers in a tag to be nice to people.

I got to play a little bit early so I'm a tiny bit ahead of some people. However I am a completionist so I don't like to advance until I got everything. So I'm only on the second island. I'm also... playing both games at the same time. Sun is using XP share and Moon isn't.

Current Progress:
Level 23 Torracat
Level 20 Butterfree

Level 25 Dartix
Level 23 Magnemite

Not sure who the 3rd on both teams should be. My Moon team gets destroyed by Rock and my Sun team doesn't do too well against fires. For Sun I'm considering a Flash Fire Growlithe but I'd like maybe a new Fire type if any show up. Not sure how to deal with the Rock weakness on Moon since a ground, fighting or steel would still have two of my Pokemon other weaknesses. Oh well. Magnemite learned Fighting type Hidden Power which.. should be interesting.

Also clothes are really expensive god damn.
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