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Guess who forgot about this? Me!

Zole the Cofagrigus and Slashy Boi the Doublade hit the field... well, not really, those two float. But they're on the field and ready to rumble! They start off by... running away like pussies and hiding behind rocks. Lovely. At least Zole is buffing himself up by thinking NASTY. SB waits for an attack, but doesn't see one, so he pokes out from behind the rock and pops off a Shadow Ball. Zole isn't hit by all of it, but still more than enough to make him cringe. He retaliates with a small, strong flame. That flame hits SB squarely on his point, and he too cringes as a burn forms on his blade. With the first blows traded, both battlers are definitely still in the match...

Zole has a boost, and both sides took pretty powerful hits. SB has a burn, both plenty good for two.

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.
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