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The light coalesces into multiple strings of green code, which rush by before locking into a physical form. The rounded red-and-blue creature twitches erratically in the air as his disjointed head spins aimlessly above his convulsing body. The AI-creature, aptly named Siri, follows its trainer as he makes his way into the jungle, the Porygon-Z weaving in between the trees as they work their way in.

A stillness comes over the waves as Mr. Briney waits aboard his ship. He keep staring at the high-tech dock, still confused as to how something on a supposedly deserted island could appear so fresh and new. A sudden ripple passes through the steel, and and blinding flash of light sends the sailor stumbling backwards. When he stumbles back to his feet, he finds his boat untethered from the dock...which is no longer there at all. With the rope dangling loosely into the water, he watches as a small pink creature flies quickly into the forest, giving what he can only guess as a giggle as it vanishes into the treeline.

Back with the trainer and his cybernetic creation, after a significant time hiking he reaches a clearing of sorts. More of a slightly less dense area of trees, but the semantics of the matter make little difference. Both trainer and partner are unnerved as they sense a presence nearby, and look about warily. Siri's bright yellow eyes pierce through the shade of the jungle, spotting rustling in the tall grass before them. A pink tail whips in and out of the grass in what could either be playfulness or agitation, either way inviting the intruders to give chase. Looking at one another, the two nod as they rush forward, prepared to launch their attack on the antecedent of all.
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